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tanith help
Old 15 May 2006, 19:09   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default tanith help

Im thinking about starting a pure tanith army ,so have you got any tips on how to convert the ones already made so they all look kinda different. thanks for any form of contribution.

EDIT: Do not ask for stats... it's clear as day in the forum rules. Check you codex next time!

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: tanith help

all the rules should be in the IG Codex look in the Doctrines section of the book and get lots of guys
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Default Re: tanith help

Remember, only Shot guns, las guns, las/auto pistols and ccws outside of gaunt and a single commissar whom gets a plasma pistol when it comes to sgnts and officers

no lascannons

lots of sniper rifles
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Default Re: tanith help

Step one for playing Tanith: Ignore the doctrines in the guard codex. 12 point guardsmen are going to die, horribly, against anyone with half a brain. My suggestions for doctrines.

Light Infantry
and two doctrines of your choice

Taking Hardened Fighters and Sharpshooters as well will run your unit cost up so high that a normal guard army will outnumber you 2:1.
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Default Re: tanith help

the only compulsory one of their doctrines is sharpshooters, and so you dont have to spend that much
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Default Re: tanith help

Originally Posted by smurf
the only compulsory one of their doctrines is sharpshooters, and so you dont have to spend that much
Sharpshooters isn't compulsory.

The only cumpolsory tanith doctrine is Cameloline.
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Default Re: tanith help

Theirs a chapter approved section on Tanith armies. I think you might have to pay for it but......
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Default Re: tanith help

It's free. there are no special rules for them, you have to represent them with doctrines, its a bugger but, meah
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Default Re: tanith help

if you actualy do consider a tanith army you've got to put a lot of effort in it took me ages to do mine, but i cant paint so i had to be extra careful but downoad the chapter aproved stuuf (mkolll is fething good) ;D
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Default Re: tanith help

i was speaking to the guys in GW the other day asking which list you are meant to use. They told me that if you are playing in-store or at a tournament you should use the doctrine, but if you're doing a campaign with friends at a local club or something similar you can use the chapter approved army list, as its awesome:P
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