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New To Guard, Have Any Advice???
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Default New To Guard, Have Any Advice???

Hi! well im new to guard, i sort of need some advice from my fellow soldiers. Any who alot of people i play against are people i've never met before and was just wanting help on how to deafeat Tau. See there's this kid who think hes king of 40k and i've gotta prove this punk wrong. He is a fan of having lots of battlesuits and broadsides basically uber cheese stuff, but here's the catch, in 1000pts battles hes only got 12 fire warriors!!!! but he has a hammerhead, 3 broadsides, a s**t load of crisis suits (with plasma rifles!), kroot things, vespids and a uber commander. So do you think it would be wise not to use tanks to make his broadsides ineffective, and also should i have heavy bolters, or autocannons and finally how many guardsmen should i use in a 1000pts?

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Default Re: New To Guard, Have Any Advice???

Ok,take tanks,mainly the leman russ, lots of guardsmen and lots of heavy weapons,mainly heavy bolters and lascannons if hes got a lot of what you said,also stash some autocannons,take support squads in your HQ and if you want a heavy weapon platoon.

How many guardsmen??The sky is the limit for guardsmen,take lots,have near full strength platoons,maybe some storm troopers.But take lots of infantry and heavy weapons.
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Default Re: New To Guard, Have Any Advice???

Or if you want to do it in style, pick hardened fighters and duke it out man to zeno,
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Default Re: New To Guard, Have Any Advice???

If he decks out on broadsides tanks are not a good idea. they would become fish in a barrel.

Best way to combat Suit style Tau is with masses of troops. IMO.
He won't have enough shots to kill everything and you can just roll up and start hammering him. Conscripts work wonders
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Default Re: New To Guard, Have Any Advice???

men men and more men do indeed work wonders! heavy bolters will rip up your standard firewarriors, then grab a few lascannons/missile launchers to insta-kill those annoying suits! 'course is you get a callidus assasin w/ inq from allies.....you can really mess up his firing line! also pull a 'suit unit out where you can shoot it! either way, good luck!
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Default Re: New To Guard, Have Any Advice???

get some stuff with indirect fire that way u do not have to see him to hit him IE basilisk or mortar squadsand this way he can't do the old shoot and get out the ****ing way of incoming fire thing. and if u win tell me how u did i also have a friend like that >
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Default Re: New To Guard, Have Any Advice???


I wonder if people read past "guard needs help against tau" before offering advice. It seems that most every post in here shows signs of not having payed attention to what the tau player fields.

1. "lots of heavy bolters to kill fire warriors" All 12 of them? Really?

2. "bring tons of russes" Against 4 railguns...brilliant!

Being a 7 year veteran of the Guard, I feel that I might be able to offer some advice:

The basic strategy is to be asymetric. Look at his strengths and try to negate them by denying them targets.

First, make him pay dearly for those broadsides. They represent one fifth of his total points. Don't allow any vehicles into line of sight of the broadsides and they're reduced to earning 6-12 points a turn shooting guardsmen.

Second, since you expect him to field lots of expensive suits that will doubtless JSJ, stock up on indirect fire weapons. As mentioned by another poster, mortars and basilisks are called for here. I would only take one basilisk, though, it will be hard to find two good hiding spots for them. Use the basilisk against crisis suits. If it doesn't kill 2 suits in 4 turns of shooting, I'll be very surprised. Mortars will work wonders on kroot and fire warriors, neither of which are particularly immune to pinning. Put the mortars in dedicated HQ squads.

His suits, you indicate, carry plasma rifles. Rejoice. A rapid fire marine killing weapon is ill suited to the task of killing guardsmen. If he had burst cannons and other high-volume-of-fire weaponry, you'd be in trouble. By fielding a horde of T3 troops with a 5+ save, you are already asymetrical against him. One S6 AP3 shot is a poor choice compared to three S5 AP5 shots! This will benefit you.

I do not recommend heavy bolters against this particular enemy force. missile launchers will serve you better because they can instant-kill suits and frag kroot or fire warriors. With only a dozen fire warriors, they are not your first, or even second, concern.

Perhaps you might want to bring a few lascannons. They aren't really needed, as the missile launcher will suffice against everything except the broadsides...but taking a set of lascannons will force him to keep the BSs out of LOS...well worth the points, IMHO.

I would recommend something like the following list:


JO with 3 plasma gunners

Mortar squad

Mortar Squad

Lascannon Squad


Line squad with missile launcher

Line Squad with missile launcher

JO with 3 plasma gunners

Line squad with missile launcher

Line squad with missile launcher

JO with 4 melta gunners


Indirect fire basilisk

And take the drop troops doctrine.

This lets you deepstrike three different crisis suit murdering squads out of reserves, negating JSJ. The 4 missile launchers and 3 lascannons will suffice to keep the tank running, if not dead. The basilisk will be able to either bombard crisis suits (especially if they are close enough for scatter to potentially hit a different suit, or even some troops) or vaporize one of his troops choices. Keep your force together, where the tank will have to expose itself to seven heavy weapons to get a shot off. In this way, you can be almost certain of scoring one glancing hit when he shows himself, which more than half of the time will mean that the following turn, you get to penetrate!

To summarize, deny the broadsides targets, field more than 70 models, field enough antitank weapons to keep the hammerhead from ruining your day with submunitions, maximize your use of indirect fire, and deepstrike special weapons teams to kill the crisis suits.
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Default Re: New To Guard, Have Any Advice???

I have one thing to say: BASILISK
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