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M-W-F, Salamander Vs. Hellhound
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Old 12 May 2006, 19:39   #1 (permalink)
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Default M-W-F, Salamander Vs. Hellhound

Hello, fellow Armoured company players, I've been thinking of this for a couple of days, I have like 300 points left for my Armoured company, and i want some use for the fast attack slots, the man question is wich one is better against troops?

That's the main question here fellas, both have fairly good weapons, but, agaisnt what?

Well, let's start for the standard guy, the hellhound:
It sports a short range template weapon that has low ap but ap nevertheless, and decent strenght, the main advantage i see in this main gun is that it is classified as a defensive weapon due to it's strenght, and you can fire it on the move, along with a HkM wich is a krak missile, and that's all, it has the range to be safe from an assault, (well, almost) and as i see the inferno cannon won't ignore cover saves, wich is bad becuse i want it against cover using troops...

Then, the other guy, the Salamander, this guy sports an single hull mounted autocannon, wich is str7 and classified as a main gun, and no hkm combo if it moves, wich has to...
it is also opentoped, but has "Souped-up" engines, wich makes it fast, I do like the autocannon, and with that speed i can bring it to the sides of the vehicles i want to kill, and it has wonderfull range that makes me be safe from missile pods.

Hm, I plan to make them run up to 150 points each so, what would be your personal choice?
Originally Posted by Dra'Tuisich-Novae
"I see. It appears you are insecure because your tank has a phallus several thousand times larger than your own..."
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Default Re: M-W-F, Salamander Vs. Hellhound

personaly id go with the hellhound. it is alot more survivable, it kills more infantry. the salamanders speed is way more usefull when you have slow infantry and nothing to take objectives. but armoured comapnies move fast, meaning it'll be easy to reach them anyways.
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Default Re: M-W-F, Salamander Vs. Hellhound

you mentioned Missile Pods, from that I gather your fighting Tau regularly?

If that is the case, few things sting like a Hellhound on Tau. That template is gross and rarely do they get a chance to react before those flames get burning. On top of that there are no cover saves from a flame template and with the inferno cannon it is actaully really hard not to hit something, roll to hit.. if you miss you still hit on 4's.

The Hellhound is just a great tank.
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Default Re: M-W-F, Salamander Vs. Hellhound

yes the hellhound is sweet indeed! with pintle guns, it reallly messes up infantry. remember the flame template can be placed any way you want within 24" (and LOS). its ap 4 will hurtzors them tau. the scout veh. is indeed a fine vehicle for nabbing objectives last-minute, and a superior choice if hunting vehicles (due to higher strength gun).
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Default Re: M-W-F, Salamander Vs. Hellhound

Have you considered Armor Fist Squads? Chimeras aren't bad vehicles and somew infintry couldn't hurt....
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Default Re: M-W-F, Salamander Vs. Hellhound

Yes, Elessar, that template can hit more troops than the autocannon for sure, and now that you say it, a first turn move of 12" gets nearly every armoured company weapon on range... provided there's enough LoS, or space to fire between tanks!

Trillian, I've proxy fighted against some friends using my tau army, the thing is that both are the easiest targets on the table so they are pod food, that's why i like the salamander, for its range, but I don't know, they get rarely see past 2nd turn, oh and thanks for clearing that up, I never saw the inferno cannon ignoring covers but yeah, it makes a lot of sense that flame template weapons ignore them.

HTR, Pintle guns are indeed nice, i've set them up using them, i found the storm bolter to be better scince it's ap4, and can even hurt some tyranid warriors, the only thing i dont like autocannons is the lack of shots it has [hey.. 2 shots aint that bad] but the inferno cannon dishes out more pain, and i've seen the hellhounds pay themselfs quite quicker than the salamanders

MikeH: Armoured fist squads are nice but they are quite expensive, i've ran out of guardsmen with my gue'la conversions so i am bound to get a new box for 50... wich is in fact as expensive [moneywise] as my command tank, and the normal fist with only 1 assault weapon [melta/plasma etc] is 155, I prefer the cheaper hellhound, it is quite cheaper [both ways] and has more firepower with the option of pintle mounted weapons.

Thanks guys.
Originally Posted by Dra'Tuisich-Novae
"I see. It appears you are insecure because your tank has a phallus several thousand times larger than your own..."
Lost are only those who abandon themselves.
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