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Vet IG players toss me a hint (paint related)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Vet IG players toss me a hint (paint related)

i generally stick with inquisitorial armies and most of my favorite ordo lists comes with inducted guard units, bodies, heavies, yay. my guards are generally borrowed from friends who have been neglecting them. but i figure its time i struck out and invested in my own guard units.

now im looking at around 90 guardsmen (with heavy weapons mixed in there) annd frankly im not sure how to go about painting em. i'd ask my friends but they're terrible. im used to painting metal models that arent poseable and come in very few pieces. these cadians have like 8 pieces per trooper and there's a jillion of em, what do i do? should i prime and paint on the sprue? or should i pose and assemble, then prime and paint?

im worried about having a hard time painting torsos and parts of the arms if i assemble these guys. but on the otherhand im worried about having to fiddle with gluing so many small parts that i end up messing up the paint job. any inside tips guys?
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Default Re: Vet IG players toss me a hint (paint related)

I say pose and glue,then paint as the chest part won't be seen much as the lasgun covers part of it.Dont worry about flesh and other parts,do the best your capeable of. Besides if you leave um on the sprue and primew and paint you may damage the paint while cutting them off,and if you paint them when there cut off the sprue it'll be a pain as they will blown away(Asuming you use primer in the spray can.).

Assemble...prime....paint.You really shouldn't have a hard time painting them.
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Default Re: Vet IG players toss me a hint (paint related)

and if you really do have a hard time just dunk them in brake fluid and start over. cadians aren't really that hard to paint. the armour can usually be done in one coat, and the clothing in one or two. it really depends on what camo pattern you pick. orbital guard for example are a cake walk, 122nd and stalking tigers take loads of time and practice to get it right. the bit that will always be slightly harder to do is the skin. depending on what degree of quality you want you can just slap on a coat of dwarf flesh. if you want more highlight with elf flesh and maybe add some eyebrows and teeth. and if you want to go the whole 9 yards you can try and draw some eyes on them(i dont, they always end up looking 'surprised&#39
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Default Re: Vet IG players toss me a hint (paint related)

Build the trunk of the mini, (with only one arm attached or none) then complete the assembly once your happy with the paint work on the model.
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Default Re: Vet IG players toss me a hint (paint related)

Well, you can do the old "assembly line" paintjob technique, assemble them, base-coat them in groups of 10, then pain a guardsman's legs, then another, then another untill you pain all of the pants, then paint the jacket sleeves┐? 1,2,3,5... then go for the lasguns, 1,2,3,5...* then go for the flakvest, then for the shoulder pads then for the boots. when you are done, thei'll just need the lil details, like flesh and eyes and shiny aquilas.

The main point of this technique is to paint a lot of parts of the same colour, so you wont be wasting time cleaning your brushes, and if you make this and then take some time to finish the details, (again, by painting lots of the same colour untill you finish) your guard's men wont look that bad, providing that you are good at painting and dont get bored to easly

(Please not that i am not a "veteran" player, but i painted my Gue'vesa this way, and there where 4 teams of them!)
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Default Re: Vet IG players toss me a hint (paint related)

Alternatively you can do what I do...
Try drybrushing the entire model (leaving out areas of skin or metal) the primary colour of your force (in my case Shadow Grey), and then pick out details:
Badges (I use Tin Bitz followed by a highlight of Shining Gold),
Guns (I usually leave 'em black put paint bayonets silver),
Boots (Black in my case),
and then faces.

I can get a squad of 10 done to a good standard in about an hour and a half to two hours.
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