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Colour scheme for snow? (not primarily white)
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Default Colour scheme for snow? (not primarily white)

Hey, I am considering an IG army, and coming to think of painting, I was thinking of a snow-camo pattern. But the thing is, I already have Tau that are done white, and wish to differentiate my IG from my Tau. Any ideas on non-white snow schemes?

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Default Re: Colour scheme for snow? (not primarily white)

Perhaps a blue/grey glacier type combo?
Also think of countries that fight in snowy conditions like in the alps, they invariably also have forrest cammo too. So this means you could use a little green, white red.
Perhaps if you did a search on mountain infantry in google etc, you'll get some nice pics of fighters in a snowy landscape.

Good luck

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Default Re: Colour scheme for snow? (not primarily white)

maybe shadow gray and fortress grey on a white background with a few dots of chaos black. they wont look white at the end, more dirty grey.
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Default Re: Colour scheme for snow? (not primarily white)

maybe space wolves gray armor with fortress gray, or shadow gray fatigues. That would turn out light gray. You could also put of skull white highlights
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Default Re: Colour scheme for snow? (not primarily white)

please don't dig up older topics.

While i'm here i'm just going to say my idea.

Midnight blue armour with grey/white patterns like that of the kasrkin in the codex.
Black fatigues with white cam patterns (stripes)

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