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The Molotov Armouredl-Eagles
Closed Thread
Old 20 Nov 2004, 19:10   #1 (permalink)
Kaskrin Trooper
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Default The Molotov Armouredl-Eagles


I've decided after a l----------o----------n----------g (you get the message) think I've decided my newest army will be IG.

The Army has the following doctrines:
Special weapons Squads
Special Equipment: Bionics
Techpriest Enginseers
Storm Troopers

It will get fluff but later!*

I'll work on it now and then post it here along with an army list!!!
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Default Re: The Molotov Armouredl-Eagles

Man, you are ambitious aren't we? Nah it's ok, we like it when you have a list and fluff to show us, just make sure to post the fluff in the right board (ps the right board is here)
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Default Re: The Molotov Armouredl-Eagles

Had he put bionics in there I would have said he was making a tech-guard army. Still could he would just have to change one doctrine.
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Old 21 Nov 2004, 08:27   #4 (permalink)
Kaskrin Trooper
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Default Re: The Molotov Armouredl-Eagles

Ive gone for a regiment raised on a forge world used in the horus heresy so they are very cityfight orientated
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Default Re: The Molotov Armouredl-Eagles

i quite like the idea (although im not a big fan of mechenised)
its battle ready and in the right terrain (ie open urban areas and even the odd bit of open grassy battle feild) could do some serious damage
id like to read the fluff when youve done it
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Old 21 Nov 2004, 11:27   #6 (permalink)
Kaskrin Trooper
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Default Re: The Molotov Armouredl-Eagles

"The Molotov Armoured Eagles were formed to defend Molotov, a senior Forge World, from the Tau empire. Molotov is one of the closest worlds to the Tau Empire and was one of the Launching Pads for the Damocles Crusade. Before this though, in 654.M41 The Tau offensive led by the ledgendary commander O'Shovah'Kais targeted Molotov. His forces, comprising of approximately 35-40 Hunter Cadres took the orbiting moons of Rystar, Cangon, Rudel and Manhaat. These moons provided the vital stronghold for the Tau attack. Using the Imperial docking bays on Manhaat and Cangon the Tau mustered an extra 12 Hunter Cadres and a fleet of 7 Battleships, 12 Cruisers, 13 Armed Transports and 1 Technical Ship. It seemed that Molotov was doomed. The Imperium, aware of the consequenses of loosing a Forge World to the Tau Empire would be catastrofic, sent their Forge fleet of 10 Battleships, 8 Dauntless Class Cruisers, 18 Armed Transports and 2 Space Marine Battleships of the Iron Hands Chapter. The stage was set for the persueing battles.

The Battle in the deep void of Rudel
The Tau fleet sent its entire force on a great flanking move around Rudel. However the Imperium had learnt of this through radio transmissions and signals of the fleet building up. In the deep void at Rudel the Imperiums fleet took a high toll off the Tau Fleet but they also lost their own ships.

The Battle of Rudel void
The Tau moved forward into the hammerhead formation they often used, the Imperial ship responding by moving into Strike formation. The Tau fired the first salvoes on their long ranged Railguns and other weapons, these first salvoes crippled the Transport Grunaalia and the Battleship Molotofia. The Imperiums Salvoes were much more effective at close range so they moved full ahead into the Tau ranks. Deploying their Ion cannons the Tau opened fire on the advancing ships and once more crippled a Transport, the Ardonial Saint, she however docked with the Teach ship Imperialis Mechanis Dominatur and managed to hold on for the rest of the battle. Now closed with the Tau ranks the Imperial Ships let loose their torpedoe assault boats and opened fire with their Turbo Lasers and Mega Bolters and crippled 2 Tau battleships, 1 cruiser and Immobilised a transport. These ships were quickly overrun and demolished with Sub-nuclear charges layed by robotic assault machines. Crippled by the Imperrums salvoes the Tau let loose thier Manta Missile Destroyers in one final Assault, Their close rabged salvoes amazingly destroyed 2 battleships, 3 cruisers and 1 of the Iron Hands ships and the Mantas destoyed 3 transports.

After the Battle the Molotov Armoured-Eagles were formed with their own fleet to ensur that the Tau could not take Molotov.

Hope 'cha like it!!! ^-^
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Default Re: The Molotov Armouredl-Eagles

Hmmm.* No real problems here with it, though it seems a bit more in outer space than most Imperial Guard formation fluffs!*

I've not played the Imperial Guard since 2nd (I think), so can't *really* give a good accounting for your chosen doctrines.* Looks like it'll be a blast, though!

For the story, my only request would be a bit more on the Armoured themselves.* Considering the rest of the IG is much a static army, why are the MAE mechanized?* Why bionics?* The propensity for close-range combat over heavy-duty long range firepower?* The flurry of wandering techpriests blessing everything with Yon Holy Heavy 40-weight?* 0

Give me details, good man!* Soft, meaty, chewy parts that I may sink my literary teeth into!* I know the answers for most of my questions could easily be, "Gee, Forge World!* Duh," but I'm looking for more specifics.* Why the World creating its own unit rather than having one shipped in from afar?* Questions my man, questions!

It's a good start, but give me some more to work with, read, and enjoy!* Cheers and keep on writing!* I look forward to seeing more.*

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Default Re: The Molotov Armouredl-Eagles

nice nice very nice

i quite like the idea of them defending Tau..... wait no i dont (gerrrrrr) >

its very nice fluff and would love to see these in a novel some time
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