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Hammer and Anvil
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Default Hammer and Anvil

Heres my Hammer and Anvil army:


Command Squad 137
HSO with storm bolter
1 autocannon
1 master vox
1 medic
1 standard bearer

Fire Support Squad 95
3 autocannons

Anti-tank Squad 95
3 missile launchers


Hardened Veterans 120
Vet Sergeant with storm bolter
3 grenade launchers
Heavy bolter
6 lasguns

Ogryns 223

Ogryn Bone’ ead
4 Ogryn
Chimera with 2 heavy bolters, smoke grenades


Infantry Platoon

JO with bolter 55

2 squads 75 each
Heavy bolter
Vox caster

2 squads 90 each
Vox caster

Armored Fist Squad 173

Plasma gun
8 lasguns
Chimera with multi-laser/ heavy flamer, smoke grenades

Fast Attack

Hellhound with smoke grenades 118

Sentinel Squadron 150
3 autocannons

Heavy Support

Leman Russ with lascannon/ side heavy bolters 165

Basilisk with Indirect Fire 125

Total: 1786

Basilisk, HQ, Infantry platoon are the anvil

Russ, Sentinels, hellhound, ogryns, armoured fist and and vets are my Hammer

i want to cut it down to about 1500 so hack it bits people!
Donit eva teld me 2 splited check.
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