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Models of different forces, in one army.
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Default Models of different forces, in one army.

I like versatility in my armies. Every model I glue together and paint are unique in their own ways. But there is a problem. The models I like the most, comes from several different forces. (Cadian, Steel Legion, Tallarns etc.) And I would like to use these different models in one single army.
The main problem being, I would like a fluff-wise reason to do so. I have thought about using them as a break off company of the Imperial Guard, assembled from troopers from several different worlds. But I'm not sure yet.
Does anyone else have any ideas swirling about?
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Default Re: Models of different forces, in one army.

A Last Chancer type army or a Merc. Army which recruited from many different planets...or a penal legion
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Default Re: Models of different forces, in one army.

Technically, the standard Guard list represents the sort of force you'd see in a multi-regimental campaign.

Thus, by using standard Guard, you could argue your force is a mix of different forces, all on the same front (eg: Captain from the Mordian 19th, plus one Platoon, then an Armoured Fist from the Vostroyan 33rd, tanks from the Pardus 56th, etc).
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Default Re: Models of different forces, in one army.

Well, you could have a regiment that dates back to the Horus Heresy. Since that time, they have had lots of recruits from different worlds by Adeptus Ministorum errors (sending troops from the wrong homeworlds etc).

Another way to integrate different models would be to use say Cadians, but have it in their fluff that due to some terrible event, perhaps a Chaos attack, their world was near destroyed and turned into ash wastes/deserts allowing you to use the desert raiders, steel legion etc.
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Default Re: Models of different forces, in one army.

I use about every human model in the game in my force. There all converted also. Just say your planet has diffrent uniforms or the men threw off there coats but others didn't ETC
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Default Re: Models of different forces, in one army.

militia? a regiment made from dozens of different regiments pushed together during a brutal urban campaign? maybe a regiment that issues a different uniform to different branches, like cadian infantry, steel legion armoured fists, mordian tank crews etc.
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Default Re: Models of different forces, in one army.

There are several good suggestions out thier, but I would suggest this:

1. The regiment was part of a multi-regimental taskforce. Casualties has whittled down the force, so to facilitate command and organization, they have combined the forces into one force. While still keeping thier regimental names, traditions, and uniforms, they are simply organized into one unit.

2. The regiment has changed uniforms. In past years, they went with a Cadian Pattern Magenta and gold mix. However, tactical reasoning interupted, and they now wear Catachan fatigues and vest with a dense jungle camoflauge. However, some veterens insist on remaining in their old uniforms as devotion to the Emperor and tradition.

3. The regiment has different uniforms. The Cadian 8th has forest, arctic, dress, and desert fatigues. Maybe your regiment wears greatcoats when on iceworlds, vests in jungles, and robes on desert worlds. They happen to be pulled together for one mission. My army features 3 colour schemes.
1. White and green camo- on my tanks and one squad
2. Gray and red shoulderpads- one tank and most men [dress uniform]
3. Shadow grey, black, and white urban- one squad, urban fatigues

Good luck!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Models of different forces, in one army.

Considering the replies given so far, mine might seem a bit odd. I've never really enjoyed the look of an army of mixed regimental troopers. As wargamer said, in the 41st millenium it wouldn't be unusual, but taking in to account the fact that you'd probably want your finished army to look great on the tabletop you'd be better off using models from just one type of guard army.

Multi guard regiments have never caught my eye and come off as pure tacky. Like the works of some kid not knowing which type of guard to play.

Sorry if that came out harsh, really didn't mean to.

Thanks for your time.
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Default Re: Models of different forces, in one army.

I'm planning to use quite a few different ranges when I make my city fight army, to represent multiple units being thrown together. The key to not looking odd is to have some unify theme on the models. I'm planning to paint all the models to look worn out and covered in dust, with a few patches of the original color peaking through.
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Default Re: Models of different forces, in one army.

I'd just say that each group was specially brought in for their talents to achieve a certain goal. Either that of a bunch of armies have been destroyed and the remnants have banded together to form a new army. Not too unplausable, they have similar languages and command structures. (corrent me if im not)
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