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WYSIWYG Sentinels
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Default WYSIWYG Sentinels

Just a quick question regarding the WYSIWYG with Sentinels. I was thinking of adding 3 of them though the parts on both the Cadian box and the Armaggeddon box look similar they are worded differently.

In regards to the Cadian box set. The box says it comes with the autocannon and the extra armor upgrade. Where as the Armaggeddon box set lists the model coming with the Armored Crew Compartment and lascannon.

a) I take it is still open topped because it doesn't have a lid for the cockpit like the armaggeddon pattern one has correct? (Does it come with a top lid)

b) If I wanted to make it no longer open topped I would have to use the Armaggeddon components right?

I am only asking because of the WYSIWYG rule

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Default Re: WYSIWYG Sentinels

1) Yes it open topped... but you could say it was an armoured crew compartment without a top.

2) Simply make the top so it is removable. Then you can use one or the other... or both.
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Default Re: WYSIWYG Sentinels

that works about right. however, i field my cadian sents without the extra armor upgrade, but i keep the pieces on because i like the way it looks.
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Default Re: WYSIWYG Sentinels

it looks like an armoured crew comparment as far as i can see, and thats what wysiwyg is all about. i use the cadian pattern with armoured crew and autocannon as a squad leader and two mars sentinels as regular troopers.
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Default Re: WYSIWYG Sentinels

If it has an AT-ST style view-plate, it's Armoured Crew Compartment.

For Extra Armour, I'd put armoured plates on the front, sides, or leg-joints.
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