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My Completely New Regiment
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Default My Completely New Regiment

The Vogen Grenadiers

Storm troopers
Techpriest Enginseers
Heavy Weapon Platoons
Special Weapon Squads

They are the newly born guards of Vogen after the crushing battle there........

Yes Wargamer I am using the doctrines!!!

I will base the guys on Cadians
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Default Re: My Completely New Regiment

Well again, allow me to say that Enginseers aern't very good unless you have several vehicles in your army, so perhaps you would want to swap one of your doctrines for a mechanized?

Either that or your Stormtrooper squads and Command Squad should all be thrown in Chimera.

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Default Re: My Completely New Regiment

Are you really going to bring over 3 squads of Stormtroopers? If you're not (and I doubt you are...), then why bother having Stormtroopers and Grenadiers?
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