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Armoured Company
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Default Armoured Company

I was going through one of my White Dwarf magazines today, and I came across the Armoured Company Chapter Approved article. I have one question... How much does Improved comms cost? Or is it just an upgrade for a Command Tank?

As well, do you have to take a Commisar or any other commander other then the tank? It doesn't quite make it clear, and the entry says that the company commander and/or (can't remember which one) one (if any) Commisar rides in the tank, yet theres no mention else where that you can take them.

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Default Re: Armoured Company

In the latest list (WD AUS 295, I don't know what issue for anywhere else), the Improved Comms upgrade only comes on one Command Tank for free (as it says in the special rules box in the list entry).

The "command tank" represents a tank that has either the company commander or a commissar (or possibly both) in it - there are no differences between a company commander's tank and a commissar's tank in rules terms, and there are no special rules for commissars in an armoured company.

Hope that helps.
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Default Re: Armoured Company

+++I was quite confused about both of those things when I first read the list, it just takes a bit of reading and rereading through +++
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