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The Death Korp Of Krieg as a Mechanised army
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Default The Death Korp Of Krieg as a Mechanised army

Well as the title suggests is this a legal/valid army?
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Default Re: The Death Korp Of Krieg as a Mechanised army

I have the fluff for them roughly

The 23rd Karnak Rifles of The Death Korps of Krieg

“The Metronordis Guard”

The 23rd Karnak Rifles are formed in the largest city on Odona; this planet is the closest Imperial Stronghold to the Tau Empire. Because of this the 23rd are often called upon to defend Metronordis against the highly tactical and devastating Tau assaults. The regiment, getting the Karnak part of its name has been traced back to their supreme commander during the Horus Heresy, Saint Colonel Augustian Karnak. This man is known to have taken the regiment to the Cadian Gate to help defend it. After the defence of the Cadian Gate, the 23rd Returned home to a heroes welcome on Odona. However this was not to last, in the year 39,893 a huge Tau invasion hit Odona head on. In the pursuing ten years tens of thousands of combatants died. In the heat of this battle the 23rd managed to take the Tau into Metronordis itself. In the brutal street-to-street fighting the Tau were at a huge disadvantage as their long-range guns could not get line of sight to the Imperial Basilisk and Griffon Artillery tanks. Also new to the Tau was a new weapon they hade never seen, the Flamer and the Heavy Flamer. These weapons, capable of going through terrain and into buildings and the brutal way to die shocked the Tau. After this the Tau tried to withdraw from the city but were continually cut of, encircled and destroyed by armoured fist companies with Hellhounds. This version of the Chimera Armoured Carrier mounted a more powerful Flamer and totally annihilated Tau pathfinder squads trying to shelter in the heights of Metronordis’ buildings. After seven years of brutal street-to-street fighting the 23rd had gained the extreme upper hand and almost totally destroyed the Tau force. In the aftermath of this great battle over 100,000 Tau and Kroot had died. This to the mere 76,000 of the 23rd. On the other hand Metronordis had been totally destroyed and the great architecture of the great temples to Saint Karnak were destroyed. This filled the 23rd with total vengeance and soon the 23rd Karnak rifles were leading the Damocles crusade into Tau space.
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Default Re: The Death Korp Of Krieg as a Mechanised army

hi i think you should get snipers >
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Default Re: The Death Korp Of Krieg as a Mechanised army

Yes, any army can be Mechanised by giving them the Mechanised Infantry doctrine.

And as I said in the other topic, your fluff has a lot of problems in it.
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