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Guard Regiments of Tau Online - [Image Heavy]
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Default Guard Regiments of Tau Online - [Image Heavy]

If you have a force you wish put into the list PM either AfterCresent, JD or myself and it shall be followed up on.

Rolukan 1st Rifles, 2nd Rifles and 3rd Rifles

Owner: Zar

XVth Funestan Regiment

Owner: Commissar_Will

[size=18pt]The Arnimean 2nd Grenadier Company and 1st Siege Regiment[/size]

Owner: Shorelineviking

[size=18pt]The Vostroyan 275th[/size]

Owner: Luy22

[size=18pt]2222nd Active Tactical Crops[/size]

Owner: Ciaphas Cain Hero of the Imperium

[size=18pt]64th Praetorian[/size]

Owner: Aun Leketh (AKA Captain Steel)

[size=18pt]55th Romonovian[/size]

Owner: Scoutninja

[size=18pt]12th Panzegerwafferns[/size]

Owner: Sven-Kaiser of Krieg

[size=18pt]The Genswick 99th Rifles[/size]

Owner: Darktrooper

[size=18pt]Vandrac 75th[/size]

Owner: Spiritbw

[size=18pt]Ellixian 127th[/size]

Owner: Aftercrescent

[size=18pt]5454th Lyrax[/size]

Owner: Terra's "Call me Mark" Guard

[size=18pt]Genofian 23rd.[/size]

Owner: Colonel_Sanders

[size=18pt]13th Lyrax[/size]

Owner: Terra's "Call me Mark" Guard

[size=18pt]40th Mercian[/size]

Owner: Terra's "Call me Mark" Guard

[size=18pt]Phyllis' Jager Battaillon no. 27[/size]

Owner: Terra's "Call me Mark" Guard

[size=18pt]175th Galetonian[/size]

Owner: Wargamer

[size=18pt]The 49th Cadian Armoured & The 14th Cadian[/size]


Owner: Slick

[size=18pt]125th Galchinian Strike Force[/size]

Owner: Spirit of the All-father

[size=18pt]1st Danitun Guard Regiment[/size]

Owner: Farseer Tyross

[size=18pt]Valhallan 822nd Regiment[/size]

Owner: Lt. Cmdr. Stankov

[size=18pt]1st Kleistian Grenadiers[/size]

Owner: Nerroth

[size=18pt]12th Parathan Rogue Dragoons[/size]

Owner: The Mothman

[size=18pt]Catachan 2nd 'Ferox Silva Contego'[/size]

Owner: JD

[size=18pt]2:193rd Chihadist Janizeers[/size]

Owner: Colonel Zenai
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