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heroes and uppgrades....
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Old 04 Apr 2006, 17:16   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default heroes and uppgrades....

Hi. I wonder why all IG ppl give their commander so much equippment. All most
all players give them things like power swords and power fists. But how often do
you really get any use of that? I think making Sq: s and platoons with lots of
hvy weapons is a much better idea...
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Default Re: heroes and uppgrades....

Unless you're really, really lucky with your dice or playing other shooty guard, there will always be a point in a game where you get into CC. Having a few power weapons can really turn the tide then, even if wielded by Guard officers.
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Old 04 Apr 2006, 18:42   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: heroes and uppgrades....

Terra's Guard is right here. The guard will almost always face combat once in a while and then a guard command squad fitted with a power weapon/fist will actually come quite in handy, you don't wanna know what a mess a single assault squad or winged tyrant can make of your battle lines :P. Therefor a a command squad can a least put up a small fight untill they go down in glory, or sometimes they even win the fight .

Getting sick of all the 40konline server troubles :P

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Default Re: heroes and uppgrades....

You actually started a thread about what a waste of 5 points it is to give a 40+ point IG officer the ability to ignore armor saves?!? :
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Default Re: heroes and uppgrades....

Imperial Guard power weapons are the cheapest in the game...hmm?
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Old 04 Apr 2006, 19:40   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: heroes and uppgrades....

Almost all IG standard equipment is the cheapest in the game. Power fists, plasma pistols, Power weapons just to mention a few...

I think it is worth, if only because it makes the HQ:s so much more Heroic looking!

And IG:s deserves a heroic look!
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Old 04 Apr 2006, 19:54   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: heroes and uppgrades....

Why? I don't use Ogryns, so I use kitted out Command HQs instead. Give them a few power weapons, a handful of grenades, heck, youve got a section to be feared at a low cost to you!

I use them because I need them! Without them, I would lose the first turn of CC.

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Old 05 Apr 2006, 16:09   #8 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: heroes and uppgrades....

Ok, carpace armour are a great choice, plasma pistols can be nasty 2, but im not quite sure of that power fist thingie.... ;D
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Old 05 Apr 2006, 18:41   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: heroes and uppgrades....

Standard equipment on my Danitun Guard officers are a power weapon/fist, bolt pistol, and carapace armour. Depending upon where they are going to be deployed and their role, I upgrade their bodyguards to veterans as well.
In fact, my CPCS is further upgraded so that the vets have carapace and bolt pistols as well. Further to that, I also include a priest in their as well, pretty nasty like combat unit actually. They've taken down a fair few things in their time, include two wraithlords in one game (thanks to mister Priest and his eviscerator), Hive Tyrants, Ork Warboss and his Nob bodyguard and even a brood of Genestealers or two.
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Old 05 Apr 2006, 20:23   #10 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: heroes and uppgrades....

Personally I go with the idea of bare bones command squads who gloriously hide and provide ld.Armed with top grade lasguns and flak armour.Of course they also get a flag but have to donate there socks for it.

Personally I believe command squads with power weapons will mean you want to throw your relatively already expensive 5 man squad into combat to most likely die.

Sure combat happens but its hardly a reason to have a knee jerk reaction and throw a 50pt+ unit into combat and pay pts for the power weapons/fists.
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