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Terrian blocking LOS
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Default Terrian blocking LOS

Ok, I know the rule books describe level of terrain. Fences, high grass, low walls being level 1. Standard infantry level 2 and building and vehicles level 3. Without getting into city fight rules as I know in cityfight buildings can go up larger then level 3 and I would play city fight which actually benefits me as a guard player when shooting ordnance and templates but my opponents tend to nick pick. They want to use the higher buildings of city fight to shoot over terrain but don't like using the other rules of city fight regarding upgrading my Vindicare assassin to have xeno drugs and the rules for templates on buildings mainly rolling to see how many models are hit and the fact that ordnance reduces cover saves.

The question which comes up at the game club where I play the most is modeling of terrain. It is recognized that a forest is level 3 and blocks LOS to any models on the other side of it however what happens when a model is in a level 3 building that is modelled larger then the forest. Does the forest still block LOS since they are the same height or do you ignore the rules and just measure from the models view point?

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Terrian blocking LOS

Fairly easy question, you go by the rules so no you wont be able to see.

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Default Re: Terrian blocking LOS

Yup, for 1, 2, and 3, each model and terrain piece is assigned one. The physical height of the miniature does not matter, only the 'mental' height, for games purposes.

Hint: it's in the BBB under 'cover'.

I personally read and reread the BBB as much as I can so I can memorize the rules to the letter.
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Default Re: Terrian blocking LOS

Remember, you only use area terrain conventions if area terrain is actually relevant - Shooting out of it, or into it. If you're shooting at a unit that is not in area terrain, while you are, you use LOS / Model's eye view. The only exception is if there's area terrain in between your unit and the target. In that case, the target could be hit if:
  • Your unit is in tier-3 terrain, and the interveining area is tier-2 or smaller
  • Your unit is in tier2, and the interveining is tier-1.
For non-area cover, like sandbag rows, we use the convention that you recieve the cover save if any models are in base contact with it, and the line of fire is drawn through it.
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Default Re: Terrian blocking LOS

Remember also that, factoring in the "High Ground" rules of Cityfight, it is possible to have Size 4 Terrain...
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