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127th Ellixian (<fluff and list>)
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Default 127th Ellixian (<fluff and list>)

Well, it is kind of diappointing, but I really don&#39;t want to make it as a boarding battalion. I&#39;ve already used up too much of my resources to be able to add a plasteel deck, so I&#39;m going to keep them as a ground element.

They come from the planet Ellix, and they are part of the 127th Regiment.

They are the 19th company out of the 24 companies in the regiment.

Company Commander: Captain Conway

Platoon 1: Lieutenant Stricklin [Active]

Platoon 2: Lieutenant Siglar [Inactive]

Platoon 3: Lieutenant Buckley [Inactive]

Platoon 4: Lieutenant Robson [Inactive]

Command Platoon:
Captain Conway and Command Squad
-Mortar Support Squad

Platoon 1:
Lieutenant Stricklin and Command Squad

Squad A
-Led by Master Sargeant Shelton

Squad B
-Led by Master Sargeant Spath

Attached Elements:

Stormtrooper Squad
-Led by Master Sargeant Bogard

Armoured Fist Squad
-Led by Master Sargeant Fulton

Attached Leman Russ from the 83rd Armoured Company
-COT: Master Sargeant Clifford

COT: Commander of Tank

Well, I&#39;ll have a list up soon, just giving some general fluff ideas...I&#39;m going to need help naming the Chimera/Armoured Fist squad, Stormtrooper squad and the Leman russ...

I&#39;ll also have the planet history up soon!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
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Default Re: Eliminated 4th Boarding Battalion


...a Master sargeant is Equivalent to a Veteran sargeant...

...meaning I have a veteran sarge leading each squad.

...oh spelling...it&#39;s spelt sargeant here (for me)...you&#39;re the second person who&#39;s corrected me, but try the spell check...both ways are correct...


Planet fluff:

Ellix, a planet of absolute nothingness. Or that&#39;s what the stories say. There is not enough of any resource on Ellix for it to be completely effective at one industry. As a result they&#39;ve dedicated their lives on training new soldiers for the Imperial Guard. Most Regiments will contain several Platoons of Conscripts, who have been attached to a standard platoon for training.

While not being as militarised as Cadia, Ellix could definitely holds it&#39;s own against an invasion for quite a long time.

The Ellixian Guard, or the planets Defence Force, consists of 80 regiments of Imperial Guard, and 30 Mechanised Regiments. Members of the Mechanised PDF are always attached to the Infantry regiments of the planets PDF, to ensure a strong understanding during an actual combat situation. Where the communication and understanding between a Mechanised and Infantry company can easily save many lives.

In Ellix, most Regiments are based in total relation to the Cadian pattern-for the sake of simplicity, it seems.
A regiment has 8000 men, and 24 companies. Each company contains 340 fighting men, each company contains 4 platoons, each commanded by a Lieutenant. Each company has a certain amount of heavy weapons assigned to them, which the compnay commander can organize as they see fit.
Platoons contain 5 squad of 10 guardsmen, and a command section of the platoon-which contains the Lieutenants personal staff.

As already stated, there are also Armoured companies. Armoured companies are based a lot like a Infantry company, where each platoon is lead by a command (or ace) tank-and 3 standard tanks follow him as the platoon.

Usually tanks are separated and attached to infantry platoons.

More soon
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
-Will Durant
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