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Competition army
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Default Competition army

At my local club we are having a tournament soon and I was thinking of trying a new army for it instead of my orks(yes I no this is kind of weird) and I was thinking of imperial guard just to go for a new look of shooting instead of cc. I was wondering what should I start with and what units are good for tournaments I know there will be a 6 or 7 space marine players both chaos and imperial and 2 dark eldar players, 1 Eldar player, 1 daemonhunters, 1 witch hunters, 1 necrons and 1 orks player so what would be good Ill be the only imperial guard player there.
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Default Re: Competition army

Well first off how many points is the tournament and what models do you have access to?

Since the majority of the metagame sounds like there will be many 3+ armies you will need AP 1-3 weapons. If the game is 1700-2000 pts I would suggest filling out our entire heavy selection with either 3 leman russes or 2 leman russes and 1 demolisher.

I would also suggest a few HQ support squads with anti-tank such as lascannons. I suspect the marine players will be using land raiders/predators and the strength diff between a lascannon and missile launcher is noticed, at least I notice how more often I pen/glance with a lascannon over the missile. Besides frag missiles won't be much use against 3+ armies but insta killing necrons, marines and Chaos things is great.

In your infantry squads I would suggest heavy bolter weapons as they complement the lasguns of your guardsmen. I would also recommend the grenade launcher as your assault weapon choice in the infantry. It can do what the missile launcher does at a cheaper price and a little less strength but isn't as much of a point sink. They HB is a great weapon and statistically any 3+ model if wounded by 3 HB shots will fail 1 save and you made the points back. They are also own against 4+ armor units and its a lot of fire power in a squad.

A couple 5-6 man storm trooper squads with 2x plasma or melta makes a great strike deep. If taking meltas I would deep strike, with plasma I would infiltrate and the weapons are AP 1-2 and the better BS of these troops will make the odds of hitting that much better.

If playing objective missions try to whittle your enemy squads to below 50% to keep them from being scoring units. In annihilation try to focus all shooting on one squad, the guard are great for this but if we split our fire we are less effective I find.
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Default Re: Competition army

He basicly explained it all right there.Got anymore questions just ask.
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