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Commissar fluff
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Default Commissar fluff

Where can I find some decent fluff on Commissars? Like how they are trained and fluff on them during battle? I love commissars, but I can never find some good fluff on them.

BTW, what would a head Commissar be called? Archcommissar? :-\

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Default Re: Commissar fluff

1. No idea... read the Cain series for some minor info.
2. There is none, I think. According to the Cain series, for any interactions between commissars, the most senior member of the Commissariat present is in charge, but still, he is not quote un quote a head commissar, but more of the most senior of 3 independant units. A commissar is more of an advisor who is a member of a very subtle organization... they don't have any real High Lords or Cheif Adepts, just the more senior member. For teaching at the Schola, well, thats just done based on assignment and relative to your tours of duty, ie, your actual battle-time compared to others.

Good luck!
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Default Re: Commissar fluff

There is a lot on them, but it's spread around pretty thin. Black Library is probably the best place to call in (I suggest Necropolis and His Last Command, both show good examples of the Commissariat at their best, and worst).

It is unclear how "seniority" works, though I assume a Commissar with field-rank would be above a Commissar without. Where both have rank, highest wins. Don't ask me what happens when rank is equal/not present.
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Default Re: Commissar fluff

The ol' dex had some fluff on them on page 6, first part of that being: "Commissars are recruited into the Departmento Munitorium from the Schola Progenium, the rigorous orphanages for families of Adepts, run by the Abbots of the Ministorum of Terra. Many serve in one of the highly elite Storm Trooper regiments before becoming commissars, so they are no stranger to warfare. Every regiment has at least one Commissar..." - See if you can get your hands on an old dex.

I don't think Commissars have much of an official rank system, just one where the most senior automatically takes charge should such a thing be necessary. Since commissars aren't in actual command of the unit they're attached to and so do not give the orders, there rarely is need for a rank system.

According to Gaunt you start out as a Cadet Commissar under a full commissar, though, 'till you've earned your stripes.
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Default Re: Commissar fluff

Ah, the beloved 'dex fluff. Little tidbits of delight

Yes, the Commissars are recruited into teh Schola Progenium, where, according to teh Cain series, Stormtroopers are also trained. But... teh 'dex says many Commissars are former Stormtroopers... So... I have come to the Conclusion that orphans or prominent children are recruited into a sort of school, but good stormtroopers can also just get trained.

I dunno...

WG: I'm pretty sure that there is no real ranking system for Commissars, but rather that the person who has worn the sash longest has authority. In For teh Emperor by Sandy Mitchell, there is a court martial involving soem rowdy troopers. The presiding officer is teh commissar from the Valhallan armoured company, and beside him is Cain, his arch-rival Commissar Thomas something, and then an infantry commissar who is quite young. While Cain has the best record, teh AC commissar has the most service, therefore, he presides.

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Default Re: Commissar fluff

From their role as disciplinary officers I don't think rank is such an issue most of the time. If a Sergeant misbehaves: bam. Same goes for a colonel or maybe even a general (think tanith first and only: gaunt killed his uncle who had the highest possible clearance). Also in that very same book it involves gaunt while he was still busy training (he put down some rebellion if memory serves me right).

The same series of books has plenty of interaction between Hark and Gaunt (both commissars), a senior commissar on (vergast?) who seemed to be gaunt's senior and also there was a trial for cafran where both Hark and gaunt acted as military attorneys.

Also you can substitute any information that you may have from Russian/soviet zampolit as this commissars/political officers are what they are based on.

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