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going down tonight
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Old 28 Mar 2006, 19:14   #1 (permalink)
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Default going down tonight

well i am probably playing my last 40k game for a while, since i am moving next week to the other side of the country, and leaving my fig collection with my big bro. we are playing one last game before i go and i really really want to kick his hoohum because his speedfreak army has routinely kicked my ahem every time i play it. i just dont know how to approach his army. i cant seem to get a shot off before he is right up on me and my guys are just slaughtered. he is really really good.

so i devised this 1250 point list and wondered if anyone might have some constructive crit for it.

he may be playing sisters, and he may be playing freaks - he has the advantage of knowing what i will be playing.

HQ section: 288
HSO, power weap, bionics, bpist
2 flamers
2 lasp/ccw

3 sharpshooting missile launcher teams
3 sharpshooting heavy bolter teams
platoon: 277
command:Jo lasp/ccw, 2 flamers
3x squads w autocannons
AF: 77
vet sgt. w bolter, ccw

+chim : 115
stubber, 2 hvy flam, smoke, track guard, extra armor
sentinel w. hvy flamer: 40
5 stormies: 111
deepstrike, 2 plasma. vet sgt w powersword, honorifica
Leman: 3 hvy bolter, pint stubber, track guards: 177
Leman: Lascannon, track guards : 165
i have tried to make my lists more points efficient and less fluffy lately since i have been getting beat up all the time by really fine tuned opponent lists... does this look feasable?
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Old 28 Mar 2006, 20:35   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: going down tonight

well if he's playing speed freaks he'll be on you trun 2 if not 1. whcih means you wont be moving. this makes the extra armour and track guards a bit redundant. personally i would get rid of them and use the left over points to beef up your stormie squad. with so many points on the sergeant you'll need more meat shields. other than that it looks great. the Mlaunchers should be able to deal with any armour he has and then switch to frag once its done, while the autocannons provide high strength dakka to deal with his high toughness bikers. good luck!
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Old 28 Mar 2006, 22:52   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: going down tonight

well my ride is here in about 10 mins. i hope i can do us all proud

final list:

HSO, 2 flam, 2 ccw
mislnch shpshoot
hvybolt shpshoot

4 squads
1=meat, 3=autocannon
command= 2 flams

armor fist
chim w 2 hvy flam, stubber, smoke, track guards
squad has a vet sgt w bolter and a meltagun

3 hvy bolt, hvy stub, track gd


2 plas
sgt has powersword, honorifica
deep strike

this is just about as slick as i can make it. notice the change in the extra meat squad instead of the sentinel.

modify to give the results:

well as i predicted i lost but i definitely put up a fight.

he played an all infantry Sisters Of Battle army led by a canoness. I was actually outnumbered by a couple of figs.

some noteable moments in the battle:

setup: took about 20 seconds of dumping terrain all over the table. we had a few bushes, a church with a little courtyard, a forest, and some other los blocking chunks. He chose his table edge and we just started moving and rolling.

random mission, alpha level, involved clearing and occupying the 4 corners of the table for bonus points. this ended up being the deciding factor in the battle.

The first couple of turns went quite well, as I had the range and the fire lanes and I only lost a couple of models to the heavy bolter.

my Lemans actually did their job for once, dropping battlecannon fire on a horde of 3+ save models meant that even when I missed I hit something anyways. many little cheerleaders bit it last night to those battlecannon, but alas, as he started gaining ground, they both died to melta weapons that I had been trying SOOOO hard to kill. they just refused to fail a save until the turn after wiping my bolter Russ and my chim.

My armor fist did a good job pouring it on and surviving because they deployed behind my Chim, to block LOS, blasting at the Seraphim that were occupying the center, but denying any chance of return fire from the advancing horde of warrior barbies. I was kind of proud of that move.

my stormies with the honorifica sarge also went down like champs, chopping up quite a few seraphim (jump pack elites) and doing 2/3 wounds to the Canoness - who had a 2+ invulnerable save throughout the whole battle and one of them wargear things that is their equivalent of a Medal Crimson. She proved almost impossible to kill. she finally went down on the last turn to some autocannon/lasgun volley after being hit oh about 60 times throughout the battle. die witch die! i kept chanting. with a b for the w of course.

in the end it was those 3+ saves that did me in. i just couldnt kill them all fast enough and lacked the AP (just 2 plas and a melta) to be effective... so his chewed up remnants ended up with 3 table quarters and I ended up with 1. both armies were pretty shot up and all in all it was quite a fun game.

I got beaten by 100 girls in power armor. oh well

anyone who is interested should take a look at my brother's figs. he posts on here under the name 'Redbeard' and his stuff is quite well done.

since I am moving to the west coast tomorrow (following the rock n roll dream!) I will leave my guard with him, and he may just post a pic of them if he gets around to it.

I will still check this board while I am gone from time to time - sort of 'virtual' hobbying and once I get stabilized over there I may start a small eldar army (easier on the wallet than guard by far) I just dont know yet. so cheers all. it's been fun.
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Old 29 Mar 2006, 13:39   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: going down tonight

Ya, it was a good battle. And you summed it up quite well. It's really really hard to kill enough all-infantry sisters. Between faith, amazing leadership (we get books to make all our tests on unmodified Ld 9 or 10), and the ability to field 20 models in power armour per squad, it's hard to drop our squads below scoring.

In your position, I think the biggest change I'd have made would be to put your two lemans back, instead of putting one forwards. Although they're generally very resilient and draw a lot of fire, no non-skimmer tank survives 4 close-range melta shots. They were the biggest threat to my army. As you said, with that many girls on the board, even scattering badly will hit a few. If I'd had to fight through all your guardsmen with my tank-hunters instead of being able to walk up and hit the one early it would have been more of an uphill battle for me.

But, well played none-the-less. Hopefully by the time you're ready to get some eldar, the new codex will be out, and you'll find some folk out in portland to play with.

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Old 29 Mar 2006, 15:57   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: going down tonight

Sounds like a good game. I've met sisters perhaps 6 or 7 times and I've only managed to win once. Near impossible to kill them off before their faith points run out, and seeing as my opponent has about 10 points to start with...

Anyways, I was wondering why you had track guards on your russes. That's just a waste of points, and not very clever at all seeing as you'd rather get immobilised and still get to shoot than become stunned for a turn. Put on extra armour instead, to make sure they can always keep the battlecannon running, and then you'd have some extra points as well!
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Old 29 Mar 2006, 16:29   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: going down tonight

Extra armour doesn't let you always shoot. It turns stunned into shaken, which still keeps that battlecannon from firing.
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Old 29 Mar 2006, 18:09   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: going down tonight

its actually just a point miser thing with the track guards. red is right extra armor doesnt let you fire any more, it lets you move more. it works on a chim but most russes wont be moving much anyways (mine swung around a flank to secure a board quarter that i thought was pretty lightly defended but went down to that unkillable canoness (w)itch which i did not expect to happen. The track guards are because a vehicle that is immobilized counts as victory points for your enemy - so its kind of just denying a few points on a lucky killshot on an expensive tank. hey i suppose i could have blown the 20 points on a couple stormies or some more wargear but i figured it might have been the deciding factor if the battle was really close. as it turns out, the battle was really close, but the deciding factor was my unfortunate loss of a board quarter in the final turns because the canoness lasted just long enough to swipe at the backside of my russ and kill it before finally dying. cant hurt to try.

bottom line: track guard is a way to deny your enemy VPs
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Old 29 Mar 2006, 20:30   #8 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: going down tonight

Yeah, sorry. My bad. Maybe I'll even spare the points for track guards on my tanks then.
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