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What does Guard do in an Assault?
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Default What does Guard do in an Assault?

I'm looking for any and all tactics for how the guard deals with assaulting. A veteran from another board recommended "feeding" squads to keep the enemy at a distance and minimize casualties. But what if that fails? Just roll over and die? I'm used to running 30-40 genestealers and never having a problem with this. What do you poor commanders do?
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Default Re: What does Guard do in an Assault?

Well. When you play guard, you automatically know if you would get assaulted or not
during the game. So, to reduse damage done to you in assault, I would advice you to form your guardsman squads into ranks. Something like American Civil War ranks with 6'1" or so between each line.
With this static stategy, when you get assaulted, One squad would be wiped, and the massacre roll would not get then into another squad, and leave the assaulters in the open. Ready to be rapidfired by X lasrifleshots.
This strategy has worked great for me.
Another strategy would be to use command squads as small CC powerhouses, and place them in countercharging positions. Arm the squads with power weapon for the offices and 2ccw for the rest. Works great.

I hope you got some thoughts out of this.
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Default Re: What does Guard do in an Assault?

or swamp them...

An infantry platoon ahs a lot of attacks...

I mean, don't do it too often, but when you severly out number them (like a squad of Sistes and a canoness about 300pts worth) put at least 3 squads into it. It'll do the job!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: What does Guard do in an Assault?

Rough riders seem okay as a counter assault unit.

Throwing squads into the meat grinder can be risky because the unit in cc will block line of sight for a time.Meaning assault troops can advance behind the combat.
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Default Re: What does Guard do in an Assault?

thus far (6 games) I find it best to not get into CC with IG. I'm currently building a veteran squad with CCW and pistol and hardened fighter doctrine to try and fix it, but still with I3 you will go last unless you have frags (simul) or are in cover and being attacked by someone without frags.

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Default Re: What does Guard do in an Assault?

I find a well-kitted command squad can turn the tide of battle somewhat in the IG favour. I've seen my HSO drop a Carnifex before now.
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Default Re: What does Guard do in an Assault?

Well, In assaults, Guardsmen usually use their bayonets as knives and use the butt of their rifle to beat the scum back!


Well, usually, I throw a squad or two in, and keep them pinned..becuase they usually only reach combat after they trek across the board-and 3 turns are up. So keep em down.
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Default Re: What does Guard do in an Assault?

on their move when they charge you, you just have to suck it up. move everybody away so they cant use the melee 'shield' by following into another battle. hope your entire squad gets wiped or (preferably) runs away, so they cant take close-combat-cover, then shoot them to bits before they can do it to you again. the hidden powerfist commissar is nice, or hard vet sarge with honor or a psyker with force weapon and the same - but really these are extremely costly and AT BEST only as good as the worst enemy hero assault units. best course of action is to just stay out of the way and try to keep shooting. you are better off retreating or getting wiped than you are sticking out a second round of combat. you can still beat up tau though because they are wimps in cc and even the guard can beat them in cc.
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Default Re: What does Guard do in an Assault?

The key thing to understand is that controlling when assaults end is the most important thing in running a successfull guard army.
The worst thing that can happen is an assaule ending on your turn, because that means that the enemy unit will then be able to move and charge on his next turn without any response from you.
Thne best thing that can happen is when an assault ends on your opponant's turn, leaving his unit out in the open to be shot to pieces.

There are three basic strategies guard armies have available to them:

1) Fold Quickly
Space your units far enough apart so that assaulting units cannot consolidate into a new unit. If any of your squad survives, you choose not to use any leadership bonus options like command squads or voxes, to increase the chance of the squad getting run down or running

2) Counterassault
Bring units that hide behind terrain until needed, then rush the enemy assault units and take them out. Rough Riders are particularly good at this, but things like Grey Knight Terminators and Kroot can also be used. Command squads are not a good choice for this, in my opinion, because they cost more points then other counterassault units and are less effective.

3) Tie Down
Throwing additional units into a combat can be a good way of making sure a combat does not end on your turn, and can occasionally be used to win a close combat if the enemy unit only has a couple of models left. This option is the one you want to use only in dire situations.
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Default Re: What does Guard do in an Assault?

Well try to kill most of them before they hit your line(which is fast,especialy with tyranids),Space out your squads.To ease the assault before they tare you to pieces use a hellhound,to counter assault use rough riders.

I would use a nice size platoon of conscritps and put them a little bit in front of your men to buy time ect.

The guard use everything they got in an assault,knives,laspistols,butts of laguns,baynots,spade heads.The guard stand and die standing.
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