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1000pt Drop Troops List
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Old 26 Mar 2006, 17:04   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default 1000pt Drop Troops List

Wondering if this would be a good starting point for drop guard.Done some reasearch myself but advice as ever is needed.

Doctrines: close order drill, Drop troops, veterans, special weapon squads,


Junior Command Squad-81pts total
-4x plasma Guns
-Junior Officer with a Bolter

Speacial Weapon squad A-75pts total
-2x melta Guns
-1x Demo charge

Speacial Weapon Squad B-60pts toal
-1x Melta Gun
-1x Demo Charge.


Veterans-75pts total
-3x Plasma Guns

Veterans-75pts total
-3x Plasma Guns

Veterans-75pts total
-3x Plasma Guns


Junion Platton Command Squad 1-80pts total
-4x Plasma Guns

Squad A-80pts total
-1x Heavy Bolter
-1x Plasma Gun

Squad B-80pts Total
-1x Heavy Bolter
-1x Plasma Gun

Remnant Squad 1-40pts total
-5x men
-1x Melta Gun

Junior Platton Command Squad 2-80pts total
-4x plasma Guns

Squad C-80pts total
-1x heavy Bolter
-1x Plasma Gun

Squad D-80pts total
-1x heavy Bolter
-1x plasma Gun

Remnant Squad 2-40pts total
-5x men
-1x melta Gun

Total= 999 pts

I could get in anorther bolt pistol, but meh ill give my commanding junior officer someting special I figure.A nice cheap bolter

Lacks anti horde slightly, but without tanks and with drop troops it is difficult to find much.

Slight bias towards anti meq, well just a wee bit more then slight. Though imo the list is still balanced enough.

And yes I do expect to have allot of dead guard from exploding plasma guns...ah well.

Oh and a note on the plasma guns, think I am going to convert them rather then buy them for obious reasons.That and I want an excuse to use some forgeworld heads with respirators for special weapon gunners.
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Old 26 Mar 2006, 17:23   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1000pt Drop Troops List

Looks okay. Drop troops are a blessing and a curse. I wouldn't take it because of the downsides it has. They supass the good by far.

If you really want to use it, see if you could fit a Missle Launcher or two in there. Get them far away from the enemy so you can target their tanks. Good luck man!
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Default Re: 1000pt Drop Troops List

i see you like plasma. your list'll do good against marines alsong as they dont bring a landraider. but then again, a marine listwithout landraiders are about as common as an ork in a wedding gown. so as pirate said, id invest in some missile launchers. id get the points by reducing the command squads to only 2 plasmas. having an all plasma squad isn't good since they wont survive past turn one(or two if they deepstrike). so:
1) get rid of 2 plasmas in command squads
2) get missile launchers.
3) use last point to get a bolter. it wont win you any battles, but its better than a lasgun.
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Default Re: 1000pt Drop Troops List

I think you should drop some of the plasma's from the command squad and upgrade those heavy bolters to missle launcher or Lascannon. One AV 14 tank would run over your entire army. Unless you have one of those melta troopers nearbye.

Other than that cool list, I like the idea of elite units dropping behind enemy lines, very WW II
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Old 26 Mar 2006, 18:00   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 96
Default Re: 1000pt Drop Troops List

I would think meltaguns in a drop troop list would be more suited for anti tank.And there is a few meltagun squads in the list around that one or two should drop down at least.

A lascannon/missile launcher deep striked cant fire till next turn.

Also if a tank really needs to be taking out rapid fire plasma in rear armour should do it I figure.

Only tank that is very scary is really monaliths, but then concertrating on phase out should work there with so much ap2.

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Old 28 Mar 2006, 18:08   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1000pt Drop Troops List

Remnant squads don't really fit the logic of a drop troop squad. Most airborne companys would not only be full drop squads, but veterans / stormtroopers as well. You've got the right idea with veterans, but remnant squads are far too unpredictable to be entrusted to such a precision application squad.
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Old 28 Mar 2006, 21:09   #7 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Mar 2006
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Default Re: 1000pt Drop Troops List

To be honest only reason the rems are there is because I needed anti tank cheap.They also give more targets for my opponets.

Fluff wise I have no clue why a rems squad would be in airborne since casultys would be replaced with each drop or new units formed.Perhaps its best to imagine them as special small unit anti tank busters. 8)

As for the list itself, im surprised no one is complaining about the mass amount of ap2.
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