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Just a quick question..
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Old 26 Mar 2006, 00:07   #1 (permalink)
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Default Just a quick question..

If i decide to play as imperial guard, just for the sake of fluff could i be rebel IG, but not suffer any penalties? Basicly what i mean is i could fight my friends IG with my rebel IG.
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Default Re: Just a quick question..

Not a problem... if you want to model strangely, but use standard rules, it's fine... I remember seeing one guy who had Orks in pristene dress uniform, and was using them as standard Guard.
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Default Re: Just a quick question..

Yes, a rebel guard army would be quite cool.

One themed on the rebels from Starwars would be even cooler.

Just don't do a Catachan rebel army... seen that, and it just didn't work.

I saw a rebel armored company, too. I'll try to find the link...
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Default Re: Just a quick question..

As far as gaming goes, its perfectly acceptable.

Modeling, well, yes, but no defilers, no mutants, you know, the icky stuff. You can operate a normal IG army with teh normal IG codex, and not use any special rules.

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Default Re: Just a quick question..

Just avoid anything blatantly Imperial (eg: Preachers and Commissars) and you can do it no problem.
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Default Re: Just a quick question..

I think as long as you follow a specific codex nobody can complain. dont mix and match. my bud was telling me about making a Lost and Damned army using that list with guard figs, so why not use other figs for a guard list right? traitors, pirates, mercenaries, PDF, whatever just follow the codex and no-one will mind whatever background your army has (they are planetary colonists cut off from imperium, forced to develop their own militia = some pretty good varying doctrine ideas) just imagine stuff up man thats why we play.
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