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What would you be?
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Old 25 Mar 2006, 05:03   #1 (permalink)
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Default What would you be?

Ok, now if you could be anything in the Imperial Guard or Imperial Navy, what would you be?

I would love to be a Flight Leader of a Thunderbolt Squadron, as I love the thought of soaring over the worlds of the Imperium in a high powered beast with a snout full of killware, pulling off manouvres no-one can do to date in something that looks like it shouldn't even fly.
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Default Re: What would you be?

Well since the average guardsman life is something about 7 seconds on the battlefield and if I had to choose a profession I would choose to be a Basilisk crewmember, miles from the front lines (basilisks don't belong in 40k, more like epic) and relatively as safe as possible from being torn apart by a hormagaunt, genestealer, chaos space marine, Ork or shot to death by Tau, Marine, Necron firepower.

I would hopefully live through my tour and get out of the IG.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: What would you be?

if i had to be an IG soldier i would be a tank commander, nice metal shell outside of me. it makes me feel so much more safe than the cardboard armor that everyone else wears.
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Default Re: What would you be?

catachan devil officer.

god that would be hardcore. devils being the baddest of the bad, leading a squad of them would be great. that and having a refractor field would make sure i could take down all the more [insert race here]
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Default Re: What would you be?

A Deathworld Veteran Sniper,
moving through the jungle unseen by the wretched zeno taking up postition and striking from the shadows, then quietly sneaking away while all hell breaks loose, ahhhhhhh i can picture it now................
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Old 25 Mar 2006, 22:25   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: What would you be?

If I were Infantry - Sniper.
If I was a Treadhead - Vanquisher!
If I was in the Navy - I'd go with Thunderbolt pilot, too.
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Old 25 Mar 2006, 22:34   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: What would you be?

As much as I love tanks, it would have to be a regular Guardsman. And none of that flaming/sniping/lascannoning/heavy bolting/etc. rubbish either, no, all I'd want is a lasrifle! You can't beat a lasrifle and a beyonet with some guts behind it! ;D

Natrually, the regiment would be Praetorian. Real men don't need camoflague...
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Default Re: What would you be?

I will be sure to toast all of you after your death on the front lines.
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Default Re: What would you be?

An Armoured Fist Sarg.

Pretty laid back untill it comes to combat, loved by my men.

Or maybe a JO in an AF Platoon, then I'd have a little more power.

Sentinel driver wouldn't be too bad either, you pretty much get to do what you wan't compared to other Guardsmen.

I really doubt if anyone would like being a Deathworld Trooper unless you've been brought up in the middle of a jungle. It would be one of the worst choices going, aweful conditions, more likely to be killed by insects or diseases than an actual enemy.

As an AF JO or Sarg I wouldn't even have to do much slogging or hard marching. The only time I'd really have it rough would be in combat as I'd be in the thick of it as being in an AF squad, but I'd be ok with that.
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Default Re: What would you be?

Lord Captain Commander Elessar of the combined Guerra forces.
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