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Narative battle report
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Default Narative battle report

Slaughter at Overwatch Pass

Bunker assault mission
Imperial Guard – defender 600pts
Orks – attacker aprox. 1000pts

High noon, thought Veteran Sergeant Vitale with a shake of his head. The Orks were so confident of over running the Imperials position that they chose the middle of the day to attack the bunker. He and the four other hardened veterans were double timing their way up the rocky embankment to lend whatever aid they could to the garrison force. It didn’t sound good. Late yesterday, reports stated that the Space Wolf 13th Company had sent one of their top emissaries to intercept and exterminate the Ork war party that approached. They failed. Now the remainder of that war party was regrouping with a second, larger mob of Orks that planned to rampage through the pass and the total almost doubled the Imperial Force. Above them, the Veterans could hear the tell tale chatter of the heavy bolters and the hiss of the missile launcher…the Orks were closing fast…Vitale and his men quickened their pace even more.

Vitale and his men crested the hill to the screams of Guardsmen dying. (Turn 2) The Orks had rumbled two looted Rhinos right up to the Imperial barricades and on the right a Wartrak Scorcha sprayed the first two lines with liquid fire. One of the squads helped those they could extinguish the flames, leaving six slightly crisp Guardsmen but the second squad broke and fled leaving seven of them writhing in their death throes. Captain Steiner stood in the gateway of the ground floor of the bunker and screamed orders at his men as they manned the low walls. The Chimera sent by the 31st Southern Command base now ground forward directly beside the lead Rhino. It interposed itself between the dense forest to the left and the defenses of the Guardsmen on that side. Vitale noticed a third Rhino smoking behind the first two with a blown track, a casualty of a well aimed Krak missile moments before the Veterans had arrived.
As the tanks maneuvered all around the Imperial defenses, Lieutenant Byron recklessly ordered his Command squad and the borrowed Armoured Fist squad between the deadly tracks to block the access points of one of the Rhinos. The Guard opened up with all the heavy weapons they had including the Missile launcher and Heavy bolter atop the bunker as well as the Multi-laser and Heavy bolter from the Chimera but nothing they threw at the lead Rhino broke through as though it was somehow protect from some unseen field from within. The one positive thing that happened was that one of the fleeing Guardsmen from the broken second squad shot off his Grenade launcher and blew the turret off of the Wartrak Scorcha.
Suddenly, a large group of Grots came scurrying out of the woods beside the Chimera and began circling the transport. (Turn 3) The lead Rhino seeing it was surrounded, decided to push past the Guardsmen and through the first wall but threw a track and got stuck. The second (Command) Rhino also rolled forward behind the first, as Guardsmen scattered in all directions trying to avoid being crushed. Suddenly, both hatches popped as Burna boyz emerged grinning manically. More fire doused one of the Squads leaving seven soldiers who bravely stood their ground despite the screams of the dying. The second Burna boy roared with pleasure as he incinerated five of the Armoured Fist squad that was still scrambling to get away from tank onslaught. The Rhino that had been immobilized earlier suddenly revealed its deadly cargo as eight lumbering Tank Bustas skulked around the front side of their crippled vehicle. They sneered as Lieutenant Byron and what was left of his Command and the near annihilated Armoured Fist squad fled towards them. Between the Tank Bustas, and some accurate bolter fire from the Rhinos, all that was left was Byron and one Guardsman carrying a flamer. Vitale was stunned when the pair of them, apparently overtaken by madness charged at the entire squad of Orks. For his part, the veteran Sergeant ordered his men to make their way toward the Grots that pounded ineffectually on the Chimera. Behind the hardened veterans, a squad of six Guardsmen broke from their cover and fell in behind them. Perhaps most surprisingly, Captain Steiner began to walk purposefully toward the Command Rhino. From behind Vitale, the Missile launcher accurately fired a Krak missile into the open hatch of the lead Rhino blowing all the doors off in a fierce explosion. Three smoking Orks crawled out of the wrecked vehicle. The Heavy bolters also found their mark as they fired into the open hatch of the Command Rhino causing it too, to explode. The Warboss and his body guards pulled themselves out of the twisted wreck. Vitale and his men opened up with their laspistols on the Grots as they ran towards them killing three of the vile little beasts but the real damage came from the Chimera. The tank turned in place and simultaneously fired all of its armaments killing six more of the snotlings forcing them to flee. Lastly, in the center came the biggest surprise of the battle. Lieutenant Byron and his one remaining squad member flamed the Tank Busta squad reducing them to two from eight. Byron himself shot one of them right in the eye with his laspistol and the last Ork fled as he tried patting out his flaming clothing.
Suddenly the overconfident Orks were reeling! (Turn 4) A mob of Boyz that had followed the Grots through the forest emerged from the edge of the woods to a scene of total chaos. Two squads of Orks were entangled in their destroyed vehicles and the rest of them were fleeing or as in the case of the Grots, going to ground. All was not lost however and these Boyz were going to make it right. They charged and surrounded the Chimera intent on using their Burnas as soon as they caught up to the rest of the angry mob. In the meantime, they cut down a partial squad of Guardsmen leaving one who lost his nerve and fled from the Ork fire power. Sadly, somewhere behind the wrecked Rhinos, Lieutenant Byron and his last squad member were cut down although Vitale couldn’t (remember) see how he met his end. His story would live on for many days to come he was sure. The Guardsmen had a tremendous opportunity and didn’t plan to let it get away. Captain Steiner continued his suicidal march right between the broken down Rhinos directly towards the Ork Warboss. Vitale waited for the Chimera to get out of the way but instead it turned again and unleashed its heavy weapons again felling four Ork Boyz. Vitale and the smaller squad of lightly armed Guardsmen were now committed to shooting and did so downing three more of the furious Boyz. The Orks decided to leave their boss to his own devices and fled deep into the forest. As the three Orks finally freed themselves from the lead Rhino, they were unceremoniously cut down by lasgun fire. The Ork Warboss and his bodyguards were also being pummeled by all manner of massed lasgun, pistol and heavy weapons fire but the huge Ork and three of his retune still remained for Steiner and his Command squad to charge into. As expected, soon it was only Steiner that remained standing to fight the raging Greenskins.
(Turn 5) All the Orks had now fled with exception to the Warboss and his bodyguards. The made short work of the foolish Captain and tossed his lifeless body over the barricades as they turned to leave the battle. The sight of the Imperial Guard officer treated with such dishonour enraged Vitale who ordered his men to chase down the great Ork. Heavy weapon fire eliminated the Warbosses bodyguards but nothing seemed to penetrate his thick armor. Suddenly one of the lightly armed Guardsmen that had been following along with the Hardened Veterans produced a satchel and tossed the heavy looking bag at the boss and yelled for everyone to take cover. A moment later a great explosion tore through the edge of the woods leaving only the Warbosses smoking feet…the rest of him was blown to pieces. The demolition charge had done its work. Overlook pass was safe for the time being. The slaughter would not be soon forgotten.
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Default Re: Narative battle report

Sounds like an exciting game, Dave! Would've rather had a tactical report, however.

Still, the narrative was clear and entertaining.
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Default Re: Narative battle report

neat report. sounds like a challanging game.
yes, that is me in the pic.
this be the awesome sig that kais made me...

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my army lists.
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