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Deployment Procedures
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Default Deployment Procedures

I have run this question through the search engine and after looking at skimming through the 32 pages I haven't found this discussion thread yet.
In regards to deployment, I know it proceeds Heavy, Troop etc etc etc

What happens if I lose the dice to set up first and I place my Demolisher but my opponent has no Heavy Units. Do I keep deploying my Heavy units or does my opponent deploy his troop choice?

The way I have been playing is if I lose the roll to set up and have no heavy choices I wait until my opponent deploys all his heavies then I start first with troops, elites, HQ and fast. Going first in each category but if I don't have a particular unit I wait until my opponent finishes placing theirs before moving on to the next category. Is this right?
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Default Re: Deployment Procedures

If he is out of Heavies, I think he should deploy his Troops (or whatever unit comes next in the order)
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Default Re: Deployment Procedures

The rulebook states that you should take turns placing your units until they are all on the table.
The only time when you get to place several units is when your opponent doesn't have all his units and/or is going to infiltrate/deepstrike the rest.


Player 1 places his Leman Russ.

Since Player 2 has an all infantry guard army he places a platoon of troops.

Player 1 still has heavy support left and places his Demolisher.

Player 2 continues placing his next guardsman platoon.

And so on...
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