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Armoured Company Army Lists
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Default Armoured Company Army Lists

Has anyone had the chance to experiment with Armoured Companies, as per the Armoured Company rules posted on games workshop web site? What type of opponent do they do well against? Do you have an example army list that you like? I am just curious as I am writting up my second army list and am considering getting into an armoured company.

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Default Re: Armoured Company Army Lists

they're great against pretty much any adversary. the basic things you have to know are:
steer clear of doctrines, they're just to lure the n00bs in.
dont over upgrade your tanks. one or two upgrades from the vehicle armoury at the utter most.
try and always get sponsons. if your lemmy loses its battle cannon and you only have a hull weapon itll become a 150 point heavy weapon.
vanquishers are elites, not HQs. despite the fact that not making them HQ is obscenely unfluffy, its the best option. try something cheap for an HQ, exterminators work great.
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Default Re: Armoured Company Army Lists

Armored Companies cause a whole lot of damage but in my opinion they cannot win games regularly unless playing boards greater then 48"x48" where they can take adavantage of their extreme range weapons.

Most armies that I see at events run a fair amount of anti-tank weapons in their army. Whether it is Eldar brightlances/darklances, Imperial lascannons/meltaguns and Tau Railguns/Fusionguns. The fact that in a 1700 point Armored Company you have about 7-8 tanks means every model you lose is a significant impact to your army.

All your opponent need to do is glance your tank and shake you to prevent you firing at them next turn. All the while his/her army is moving across the board to get close enough to reduce the effectiveness of your pie plates. 3+ armies are particular good at this since they get their armor save against pretty much everything you throw at them that isn't ordnance or las/plas

Once they get within 12" the Armored Companies fate is usually sealed as you know become the target of meltaguns and plasmaguns fired at your front armor and side armor. Meanwhile the squad is still moving to get around your tanks to your rear where their bolters have a chance to pop your 150+ model.

If your opponent is mechanized they are amongst you all that faster. Moving 12" first turn and popping smoke making all your penetrating hits glancing and then 12" second turn, 2" deployment and they have moved 26" in 2 turns, if they deployed the maximum 12" that is 38", half way into your deployment zone.

Most armies facing AC will deploy their troops dismounted within 2" of their vehicle access ports in order to prevent ordnance death in the vehicle, if they lose first turn you can inflict usually 8-12 casualties, they then mount up and do the rhino rush for 2 turns.

AC either wins really big (all hits on ordnance shots instead of scatters) or they will lose completely. Once the enemy is in amongst your tanks they usually will roll up through them one at a time, using the wrecks and your own vehicles to block LOS to them from your other guns
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Default Re: Armoured Company Army Lists

I looked hard at AC, then rejected it as my main effort. I run a very hybred army I call Armored Grenadier Company. It gives much of the same effect, but you have enough shooting support to distract enemy infantry:

AT squad (sharpshooter doctrine)
Mortar Squad
H bolter squad (sharpshooter doctrine)



3x 10 man Storm Trooper squad (flamer/grenade launcher)
(grenadier doctrine)

I plan on adding 1 iron first and 1 conscript platoon eventually

the troops follow the tanks and provide a distraction from enemy tac squads. The tanks do well, as 3 LR are enough to scare people. With the AT squad, you have some long range worry for enemy vehicles. Usually the tanks concentrate on reducing targets for the grenadiers to kill off, while the 3 HQ squads support by fire distracting enemy concentrations against your own formations.

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