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2,000 point Siege Regiment
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Default 2,000 point Siege Regiment

Ok, before people start presuming I am using 6 Basilisks as troops choices, worry not. I intend on using 6 Griffon Mortars. I like the idea of being able to pin pretty much anything on a 2+, insta killing T3/4+Sv units and also, not obliterating my opponent and making the game unenjoyeable for us both.

"The Gravediggers"

HQ- 1 HQ Chimera: Turret Hvy Bolter, Hull Hvy Bolter, Pintle Hvy Stubber.

Elites- 2 Ace Gunner Chimeras: Turret Hvy Bolter, Hull Hvy Bolter, Pintle Hvy Stubber.

Troops- 6 Griffon Mortars: Hull Hvy Bolter, Pintle Hvy Stubber.

Fast Atk- 9 Lascannon Sentinels.

Hvy Sppt- 3 Demolishers: Hull Hvy Bolter, Sponson Hvy Bolter.

Total: 2004pts.

I figure, with having lots of Pinning/Ordnance barrages, I can suppress the enemies troop units, and, while pinned, use the Chimeras/Demolishers to whittle them down. Also, since the Mortar is S6, I can also fire that and all its weapons if I have range/LoS to the enemy. The 9 Lascannon Sentinels will provide me with adequate anti vehicle support, by having them use there Scout rules to control enemy vehicle deployment.

So, I ask you all, does this list sound challenging/cheesy/fun? Is there anything that this army is lacking? What things do I need to look out for, to prevent myself from losing?

Any and all feedback is greatly encouraged. Also, any links on Griffon conversions would be appreciated as well ( I cannot find where to buy the model).

Thank you.
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