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My Regiment: Therendal 1
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Default My Regiment: Therendal 1

For a while ive been collecting a guard regiment. Im a rubbish wargamer, and i lose most of my games, but i still quite like the fluff of my army.

It's from a mountainous hive world that was attacked by a small horde of Tyranids during the founding, but it was enough to take over most of the planet. One of the hives held out for a bit, and this one contained the entire Therendal regiments, who had fallen back there. They called for reinforcements, but they wouldnt arrive for a while, not soon enough.
Colonel Scarp led two of the armoured companies and an infantry regiment to try and reclaim the planets main hive. They reached it, but Scarp deserted, and was shot by Commissar Herodas, who gave command to Sergeant Keel. The armies went in to claim the city. It turned out that it hadnt been taken yet, but it was still deserted. They readied themselves to defend the city.
During the battle, while the armoured company were outside the gates, Scarp's adjutant, wanting revenge, activated the cities main gun and wiped them out. With most of their army destroyed they should have failed miserably but they held out for three days, long enough for the reinforcements to arrive.
When they met up with the rest of the army again, Sergeant Keel handed command over to Colonel Super Mutant (don't ask), and took control of the regiments rough riders, mounted on bikes.

I usually use the doctrines Sharpshooters, Cameoline (technically this should only work in mountains and cities because those are the colours but there you go) Rough riders, Ratlings (because im small) and Stormtroopers

Another added quirk of the regiment is that my main characters usually have refractor fields, some of it because of fluff, but mainly because of an amusing contest between a guard veteran sergeant with refractor field and a tooled up harlequin solitaire (ask wargamer, hahaha)

Im probably going to get some tanks soon, just because my army is rubbish and it will probably help. It will also bring my army to 2000pts.

Am i a rubbish powergamer?
that is the question.
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Default Re: My Regiment: Therendal 1

Waht are you asking us to do?
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