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Macharian regiment doctrines
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Old 13 Mar 2006, 19:36   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Macharian regiment doctrines

I finished painting my army and decided that it was time I gave them some history. Since my army is cadians, I decided that they needed to have some connection to Cadia. I also like the concept of the Tanith Ghosts, and their position of being an orphan regiment. Deciding to go with these themes, I found the planet of Macharia, one of the planets that was destroyed by the planet killer, to fit what I wanted. I decided to base my army around the cadian army list, with some differences to reflect the state of the regiment. The doctrine I chose are:

Sanctioned Psykers
Special Weapons Squads

The regiment does not actually wear chem-inhalers. The reason I chose this doctrine is because having lost their homeworld, families, and friends, they have become almost unfeeling and callous. This is compounded by the fact that many of the regiment have become drug addicts, with the result being that many of them go into battle drunk or stoned.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.
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Default Re: Macharian regiment doctrines

For some reason, Stormtroopers dosen't mesh well with a unit in despair. Solid backstory, though.
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Default Re: Macharian regiment doctrines

Lesser Macharia would either:

1) Not use Doctrines.

2) Use Cadian Doctrines.

People seem to use Doctrines far too often, and in the wrong ways... "Oh, my planet has trees, so my Regiment are expert jungle-fighters!" "Oh, my army had to do a parachute landing once, so they get Drop Troops!" "Oh, my men stand in close order on the parade ground, so they get Close Order Drill!"

No. No. NO!!!

Guard players have completely forgotten what Doctrines are for... Marines have gone the same way with their Traits.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Macharian regiment doctrines

At first glance stormtroopers in this regiment look odd. However, this is a reflection on the unit's history of being similar to the cadian regiments.

Another thing; is it possible for stormtroopers to wear chem-inhalers? The rules in the codex don't say anything about it being restricted to guard infantry.
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Default Re: Macharian regiment doctrines

I find the only reason people take storm trooper doctrine is to play stormtroopers which just makes them another elitest army list. What is wrong with just standard Guard. The majority of army lists submitted by people in the past week have been storm trooper heavy.

If you are an orphaned regiment then how would they have the time, resources, equipment to take stormtroopers. It takes years to train a stormtrooper and a significant investment of resources.

Oh well, I guess I am won of the few people who swear by the std guardsman
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Default Re: Macharian regiment doctrines

The majority of army lists submitted by people in the past week have been storm trooper heavy.
What about mine? Ok, I've got 2 or 3 units of Vets 8)

I agree about the Stormtroopers being oddities. If they are a lone regiment, and have been for some time, take Vets instead.

Plus, they look cooler 8)


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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Macharian regiment doctrines

Ok, it seems that I haven't given a sufficient explanation on my regiment.

The regiment is the hard core of what is left of the the original unit (somewhere from 1000-2000 men). All men in the regiment are veterans, and would have the hardened veterans profile if they weren't drug addicts and the like. The stormtroopers are the remnants of what is left of the original squads the regiment had, as well as their grenadier remnants, so there would be at the most 2 squads (most likely only 1). The regiment does not receive reinforcements, since the replacements die as soon as they get into battle since this unit is rather suicidal and it would be a waste of men. The majority of the troops would be regular guardsmen.
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