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Common Danger-Again
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Default Common Danger-Again

We were running double time down a maintenance tunnel to our Boarding Ship, when there was a huge explosion! Huge chucks of plasteel was blasted into the wall beside is, it was like standing before a storm.
I saw a Warrent Officer get him head removed by a sharp piece of plasteel, and a fellow armsman, Aleksandr, get ripped to shreds by a twisted shard of the wall. Aleksandr was a good guy, a horrible soldier, but a comrade nonetheless.

Traitors! Hundreds of them, spilling over the supply crates and barrels, advancing towards...us.

I saw Boarding Officer Mathias lead a group of 5 armsmen to a key position, it seemed. right in the middle of the storm, they were keeping the traitors pinned down in their drop ship until we could shoot 'em down. I was hiding behind a support pillar, in a storage hanger, and the battle was getting fierce. I stuck my head out to see what was going on.
We were barely keeping the traitors at bay, our grenade launchers were keeping them down, but the occasional group would flare forward, and try to take the position that Boarding Officer Mathias was holding.

Suddenly, I acted. I pointed at the fellow armsman beside me, and told him to cover me. I was going to risk the fire and flame, and help Mathias. I count the number to my friend, and on three, I ran for my life.

The amount of firepower quadrupled, I don't know how the traitors missed, buy I rolled in beside Mathias, who was left with only himself and two guys with grenade Launchers, both Warrant Officers, Derick and Robert. Both of them were and really bad shape, armoured tattered, and legs shot up.

"Officer!" I shouted, getting Mathias attention.

He looked at me, gave a evil grin, and went back to firing this laspistol into the advancing horde. I shouldered my lasgun, and started to open fire, with some effect.
I hit a traitor right in the face, and he went down like a plummeting ThunderHawk, diving, and landing headfirst on the floor of the storage hanger.

Our position was basically done for, the traitors were getting side angles, and our armsmen were pulling out, even though the Assault Officer urged them on.

Damn, we need to get out.

I shouted at Mathias, and he agreed, he said he'd cover me and the two warrant officers, as I get them to safety. We started our trek, I rushed alongside Derick and Robert, both of them sending multiple grenades into the enemy position. I ran forward, behind another box, and covered their retreat.
They were safe.

What about Mathias?

I looked across, he was playing a leap frog game of up-and-down with a traitor, who was on the opposite side of the same group of boxes.

Damn, how could I help him?

Too late.

Mathias dove over the group of boxes, and wrestled the traitor to the ground, he spit in the traitors face, and stabbed him with a knife.

"Yay!" I cheered to myself.

But my happiness was short lived, Mathias was on the side facing the Traitors.

It was horrible, at least 50 lasbolts tore into Mathias's body, ripping his face into a sludge, and turning his body into a blanket of flesh. The last few rounds sent him plummeting into the air, landing behind the group of boxes.

I turned around, ready to make way back to the barracks and my cot. Even if I was court martialed, I didn't care. As I turned, I saw the most beautiful thing in existence, a heavy bolter, it's flawless action (piece that moves when you fire) and straight lines, ready to kill some heretics.

I just wanted to flock to the warrant officer holding it, to guide the heavy bolter to it's fate. I probably sound pretty desperate, to be so aroused by a heavy bolter, but we were stretched pretty tight.
Flock to the bolter I did, and guide it, I did.

We set it up in the same group of crate Mathias had taken, and damn, what a fine machine.
I didn't even have to fire my lasgun, the heavy bolter took care of everything, the gunner didn't remove his hand from the trigger, he kept it held down as he swept from side to side, devastating the entrance of the traitors dropship.

It was amazing, until the gunner was shot.

I found myself in a contest with a fellow armsman, to see who'd control it, the reloader said it didn't matter, but the other guy got the trigger. Damn.

We were running out of targets, as now we've even set up a autocannon, I felt like a had a bit more room to breathe and move around.

"March on! For now, ever longer!" came a shout from the darkness.

I felt a burst of pride swell up in my chest, the warcry of "Common Danger" was being shouted all around, I joined them, yelling "March on! For now, ever longer!" with the rest of the men. Chainswords were revved to life, and lasguns fired at rapid speeds. The hail of fire from our side was so large the traitors shrank back in fear.

A wave of grenades were launched from our position, hand grenade, and grenade launcher alike flew through the air. Detonating with a large, simultaneous "Boom!"


I looked down upon the deck of the storage area, many died, but there's no price you can put on the death of a traitor.

Hows this, everybody?
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
-Will Durant
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Default Re: Common Danger-Again

Very nice piece. I can't find any specific flaws with your work, so all I'll say is keep working on your writing; you show potential.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: Common Danger-Again

Oh, people, I'm looknig for and suggestions of how this connects with the other fluff piece (?)
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
-Will Durant
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