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Glorious moments of the Imperial Guard
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Default Glorious moments of the Imperial Guard

When was the last time your Guard charged into a horde of Orks and came out victorious?

When did your HSO best a chaos lord in Combat?

When did your standard issue flash light take out a Terminator?

Tell your famous moments here, if you want to put it into fulff format that would be cool to
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Glorious moments of the Imperial Guard

On a dry and distant gaming table, my Death Korps was holding the line at a ridge of sand dunes against a Necron advance.

The stoic infantry squads calmly sent missile after missile into the marching phalanx of robotic killers, exacting a dire toll from the Imperium's foe.

On the left flank, an enormous swarm of scarabs began to materialize out of thin air... on top of the armored fist squad. Metallic bugs were smashed to bits with rifle butts and bayonets as quickly as they appeared. (Deep Strike scattered directly on top of the sergeant.)

On the right flank, two wraiths emerged through the sand berm, bent on slaying the Company HQ. Three clerks and one flamer operator fired madly, preparing for the charge, bringing down one of the unnatural monsters. The officer drew his laspistol, took aim and fired - with one shot piercing the ocular sensor and dropping the wraith inert to the sand. Neither rose again.
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Default Re: Glorious moments of the Imperial Guard

During the Eye of Terror campaign, the Imperial Guard of the 175th Galetonian were assigned to recapture a Bascilica that had been abandoned. The Guard held true, deploying weapons in the armoured tower of the ancient cathedral, their guns fired mercilessly and killed many enemies, whilst the armour held strong against everything the Iron Warriors could dish out. The Chaos were utterly obliterated, and it remains a resounding Imperial victory to remember.
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Default Re: Glorious moments of the Imperial Guard

Once like, in the game like, the three loaders in my mortar squad totally killed a wych in CC.

No thanks to me, what were they doing in close combat in the first place?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Glorious moments of the Imperial Guard

During a battle the 61st Vestan had to storm a breach shock trooper style, this meant running towards the enemy. The 55 men platoon stormed a breach defended by 3 chaos marine squads. The initial fire was devastating for the platoon, losing 2 full squads. Luckily Lt Craitz was able to to call in a basilisk strike (it was a mega guard vs chaos battle and the ordanance had a busy day that day >), killing a mighty 12 space marines (could've been more, but they were in cover ). The remnants of the platoon charged into rapid firing range and unleashed the fury og the guard, killing 5 (0 shots is a lot even if they are lasguns). one of the marine squads fled while the last chaos squad remained defiant (which was still at full strength). The chaos marines roared in anger and fired once more at the guardsmen, killing another squad. The guardsmen fired back, but somehow the grace of the emperor has left them as they only manged to kill 3. At an act of utterdesparation Lt Craitz charged the chaos marines, the marines struck first and killed 3 of the command squad. Craitz' most trusted veterans managed to drag down a traitor and Lt Craitz called out to Emperor asking him to guide his hand (which was a really big power fist). 4 attacks, 4 kills 8). They have won the combat! The sudden outburst of faith was clearly too much for the marines and tried to run away, but the trusty Lt was too fast for them and he mowed then all down . The breach has been taken, but only at a great cost in lives.

May the Emperor Protect,
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Default Re: Glorious moments of the Imperial Guard

Mine was an extremely rare one.

First off a squad of 6 Catachans w're within 12" of a squad of terminators. So i thought i'm not gonna win in combat... lets shoot em and hope to kill at least 1.

12 die- 11 were 4+, what i needed

Next was amazing.

11 die- 10 were 5+, again what i needed

Now this is even more amazing.

10 die- 10 were 1, what he didn't need. Every single die was sitting on a six with that measly one up on top.

6 Catachans Def. 10 termies- one round of shooting.

Then somthing else great happened. My Demo chanrge landed smack in the missle of an assault marine team and killed every last one of them. all 10 dead.
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Default Re: Glorious moments of the Imperial Guard

One of the most satisfying battles was between a 13th Company Rune Priest that got tangled up with a Sentinal. For four turns the two fought to a stalemate with only a bent multilaser and a single wound to the Space Marine to show for it. It may not have been all that epic but it was a great trade off in points for me!
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Default Re: Glorious moments of the Imperial Guard

in a satisfying little match, i had a lieutenant with a refractor field hold off a squad of possesed marinesfor 3 turns until reinforcements came to reinforce him.
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Default Re: Glorious moments of the Imperial Guard

A long long time ago... I had a 2nd ed. tactical squad who I just upgraded on a whim to veteran sergeant. He got wargear. I gave him a haywire grenade just to waste some points since I didn't have enough figs. 10 points (in the old point system... which is like 20 points today). At the time me and my college friends were playing concealed hand with out armies... anything obvious on the figure was allowed, but wierd little gimicks like specialty grenades, what psychic powers you had, certain vehicle upgrades like electrified hull or 'veteran' status that can't really be modelled were all secret until used. Psychological war.

His brand new army centerpiece chaos dread stomped around a side of a hill and blasted up half of my wretched little guard squad, who he thought incapable of hitting back since they were only packing a heavy bolter for support. That random little choice of tossing in a Haywire Grenade in my army list let my veteran sergeant blow up his 200 point dread in reprisal, and still keep his remaining lasgunners rallied and rearin to fight. GO VETERAN SERGEANTS! O0
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