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Catachan Quizz 2.0
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Default Catachan Quizz 2.0

Have fun with this one

it will be a little easier and a little less contraversial then the last one

and good luck

1)What do the 'swamp rats' like to hunt?

2)What is the other name for the trap 'buried bullet'?

3)What do deathworld toxins allow you to do?

4)On a roll of what are you not allowed to take a commisar with catachans?

5)How many Snipers do you get in a catachan sniper blista pack?

6)Finish this: 'To do battle with the warriors of catachans is to fight the....

7)What is 'File: Adeptum 2.73- the hostile battle feild-' about?

8)what is located around the main picture on the fornt cover of codex: catachan?

9)What template do you use when a model stes off a spring mine?

10) /worth 2 pts and nobody got it from the 1st quizz/ Finish this: 'fear not the creatures of the jungle but those that....'

PM me with your answers
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Default Re: Catachan Quizz 2.0

I'm afraid this quiz will have to wait... there are other regiments to do as well you know.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

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