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Demolisher Tanks
View Poll Results: Just wondering how everyone thinks this tank should be equipped
Lascannon & Plasma Cannon 9 75.00%
Lascannon & Heavy Bolters 0 0%
Lascannon & Heavy Flamers 1 8.33%
Lascannon & Multi-Melta 1 8.33%
Heavy Bolter & Plasma Cannon 0 0%
Heavy Bolter & Heavy Bolter 1 8.33%
Heavy Bolter & Heavy Flamer 0 0%
Heavy Bolter & Multi-Melta 0 0%
Voters: 12. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Demolisher Tanks

I have looked over some past threads but really didnt' see a vote or thread dedicated to the question of how to equip arguably one of the best tanks we have access to. Just curious what peoples thoughts are and why. Cheers

Personally I like the Lascannon/Plasma Cannon option as if the big gun gets knocked out I still have low ap weapons available.
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Default Re: Demolisher Tanks

I agree with you there, who desnt love a [- karma word] load of ap 2 weapons? only a fool!
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Default Re: Demolisher Tanks

Thats what mine is armed with and it works realy well. dont forget low AP high strength.
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Default Re: Demolisher Tanks

Las-plas. That combination makes the tank a brutal anti-Heavy Infantry unit, as well as a compitent tank hunter, and gives it enough range to be a major threat on the field.
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Default Re: Demolisher Tanks

im going with my flamer lascannon combo. while not as effective as the standard las-plas its very cool to have a tank flaming anything in its path. the lascannon works well for when nothing is close, tank hunting at 48", the the demolisher can make short work of anything when you get into medium range, and at short range anything in cover will die.
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