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2000 pts advice needed
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Default 2000 pts advice needed

I am starting an imperial guard heavy infantry 2000 point army. My basic plan is to spend a full 1000 points on conscripts and the rest on basic infantry plotoons and tanks. I will talk light infantry though out most of the army. I am not asking for a list but for u guys to advise me on a basic army outline. Tell me if this army idea will work...or not so much?
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Default Re: 2000 pts advice needed

ok first of all its impossible to spend 1000 points on conscripts. thats 250 conscripts, which means 5 squads, but you need atleast one platoon for each squad, and you can't have 10 troop choices(despite what fluff would indicate) so the most you can spen on conscripts is 600 points. if you do make a list with maxed out conscripts my advice would be anti-tank. you will have 150 concsripts and a minimum of 80 nomal guardsmen, so you'll be able to take care of infantry. i would suggest putting lascannons in your normal infantry squads, and maybe nade launchers. if you want to arm conscripts then flamers are the only realy option, sicne anything else is way overpriced and wont hit.anyways for more advice look at Lt. Com. Stankovs topic on starting guard
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Default Re: 2000 pts advice needed

If taking conscripts I would suggest Independant Commissars that LD 5 doesn't hold up well to anything.
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