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Mortar Madness:a scenario idea, mini army, and modeling tip
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Default Mortar Madness:a scenario idea, mini army, and modeling tip

This is a very scenario oriented army and will be trounced in a 'regular game' (if there are such things).

Thes scenario, sparing narrative: A PDF mortar company is assigned to hack their way through a densely forested area. This task involves a day and night of marching. On the way they burn away brush to clear a wide area so that they can set up advance positions at the top of some bluffs to rain hell down on the ork horde who will be moving through the area towards their hive sometime in the next day or two. (by which time more heavy artillery companies and supporting tanks will have arrived down the trail they had paved the night before.) They use flamers and chainswords to clear away scrub and forest along the most direct routes through the valley in order to provide few places for the orks to hide.

An Ork scout saw the smoke, and reported back to his boss, who instincted in his orky brain that it may be a trap to lure their big targets and vehicle "column"s into a trap, so he ventured forth to investigate accompanied by some of da ladz from his own tribe.

The orks closed under cover of forest, on foot, so as not to be noticed by sensors, and confronted the mortar company halfway towards their destination.

750 points
Lt HQ Command squad (1st Lt.): JO, vox, mislnch team
special weapons squad: 3 flamers (scrub clearing detail)
mortar squad: 3 mortars (primary mortars)
mortar squad: 3 mortars (primary mortars)

Infantry Platoon (escourt infantry/auxilliary mortars and scrub cleaning)
2nd Lt. command: JO, vox, mortar team
1 squad: vox, flamer, mortar team
2 squad: vox, flamer, mortar team

Armored fist: ('Vanguard' buldozer tank to clear away paths for the armored companies several miles behind them, and a combat squad for protection)
Vet Sgt.: bolter, ccw, surveyor
squad: vox, flamer, heavy bolter
Chimera: rough terrain mod, hvy flamer, pintle stubber, heavy bolter in turret

Hardened Veterans: 5 veterans (the scouts/foreward observers for the company, who use their chainswords mainly to hack through undergrowth)
sarge has a bolter and chainsword
1 has a vox
1 Grenade Lnch
2 chainsword/laspistol

sidenote: the voxcasters are not really for a Ld boost (7 vs 8 are not much different), but for the fact that they are a light artillery company, and they need to report co-ordinates to each other during battles.
the scenario:
table should be 1/4 terrain as per standard, but almost entirely forest terrain to fill the requirement... maybe a hill in a corner or a couple of rocks or something for variety.

the enemy I figured works best is orks on foot... I hammered out a quick list for them that used about 50-60 assorted skarboys, shootaboys, and sluggaboys, a battlewaggon and a warboss. but I'm sure it could be done equally well with chaos on foot (khorne berserkers saw the smoke and ran towards the opportunity for a kill without stopping to think of boarding their rhinos) or nids (not the flyers and stuff though, just a lot of gaunts and gents - but the required hive tyrant could probably slaughter this whole guard list by himself).

the important thing is that they shouldn't have much(if any) fast attack or infiltrating/deepstrike units, or much transport capability. and no unkillable supermonsters. These guys are grunts hoofing it, just like the PDF, almost entirely infantry (maybe a vehicle or two if they aren't mammoth type vehicles) - and they should be heavily geared to close combat with some shooty support.

The whole idea is that they have to GET to the PDF at more or less 6" a turn, as the PDF player can practice guessing range with the 9 mortars in his force. The mortars may not hit hard, but they'll have a few chances as da ladz slog up through the trees, and I imagine as soon as the enemy starts getting close, the PDF will start getting chopped up.

so finally: the modeling tip, for any of the youngins who may not have realised this... every heavy weapons team plastic sprue has 5 heavy weapons on it. I doubt if anybody would waste their bigbases on NINE mortars to play this thing, and I am sure plenty of the mortars on those sprues never even get removed.
Just glue it onto a separate infantry size base, and take a couple of lasgunner 'regular' guards in base to base contact with it and hey... free mortar team. (you can take this further and mount tripods made from chopped up sprue frames on similar bases to mount all the other unused heavy weapons.) It wont win you any modelling competitions but at least you wont have to proxy ("my heavy bolter is actually a mortar"). Missile launchers are good like this too, since they mount right on a figure. Just base-to-base him with a lasgunner and you have another weapon team.

--- ahh.. one more thing.
the veterans can indeed work as 'foreward observers' against slow moving infantry, because after your first turn of guess-weapon fire, you will shoot their grenade launcher at something, and you will have measured the distance to whatever unit they fired at.

The idea is that they know the maximum range of their weapon, and can see it explode in the distance and hence know the relative distance between their origional terrain landmark, and the position they saw the 'rangeing fire' hit. Just like a foreward observer. This gives you a base distance as a constant, from which you can estimate other distances quite easily.

(they should be infiltrated but in cover to begin with - close enough that they can shoot at something on the first turn), and then you'll know the distance from their terrain spot on the table where the enemy squad they shot is, and can extrapolate the 6" move away from that point pretty well exactly for your next turn's mortar fire. it helps to know a specific distance in the middle of the table to give you that distance as a reference for guessing the mortar's range. The shorter the distance variable, the easier the guesswork. Just remember the distance to the first position they shot at, and if (when) they have to fall back, you can do it again and again to re-establist relative ranges.
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