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Synflax VIIth 'burrowers'
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Default Synflax VIIth 'burrowers'

I am going to start collecting an IG army once I’ve finished off my beloved tau. As the name suggests they are one of the few regiments which implement the rare burrowing vehicles of the Adeptus Mechanicus. They come from a harsh tundra world rich in minerals. The snake like inhabitants of the world joined the imperium and are used as trackers to root out the parasitic Mine beetles which damage mines stockpiles. Some are allowed the honer of joining a regiment of IG, where they are used as scouts. I am planning on using the Tallarn models being released and using an icy couler scheme


Drop troops: represents the burrowing vehicles employed by the regiment
Mesh armour: counts as carapace armour. I used this because tallarn don’t look good with carapace armour on.
Rough riders: Represent the natives of Synflax VII. Probably a cross between raveners and guard.
Hardened Fighters: There are a lot of Predators on Synflax VII, so boys would be fighting from an early age.
Die-hards: These guys are tough.

Preferred special weapon: Plasma gun
Preferred Heavy weapon: Rocket launcher

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Default Re: Synflax VIIth 'burrowers'

Sounds quite interesting mate.

I have a suggestion for the rough riders, how about a giant version of a Milisaur out of necromunda? i could see them living under ground in rocks, ambushing you guard as they tunnel, etc.
So why not a demesticated version, to use as an assualt creature for rough riders.

good luck with the army, and ill keep an eye out for anything else you post on them.
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Default Re: Synflax VIIth 'burrowers'

carapace and hardened fighters......imo not good choices, hardened fighters, sometimes, carapace, sometimes, but not together, your troops are still weak, you must remember, they rely on heavy weapons more than elite skills, maybe you could test, but dont model carapace or hardened fighters just yet.....you may find that they dont turn out how you expected. play test several different doctrine set ups before you go all out and model one praticular kind.

maybe these doctrines?
Light Infantry: represents the native creatures being used as scouts, and life on the tundra, you would have to learn to hide and sneak away from dangers, and the natives could always have taught the men. although this may not go well with Drop Troopers.....

Rough Riders: thats fine as is, they are good counter chargers and such

Hardened Fighters: maybe change this to Veterans, veterans are tough as well, hardened veterans of survival in battle, or jsut survival.

Carapace: possibly change to Cameleoline if you really want that save, if not, something else is usually better..if you must keep carapace if you dont spend any more points on doctrines for squads.

just a few suggestions, do what you will
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Default Re: Synflax VIIth 'burrowers'


Drop troops: keep it, it's fluffy
Mesh armour: Fluffy again
Rough riders: Again Fluffy
Hardened Fighters: change to veterans I think...
Die-hards: change to summat else I think...

Preferred special weapon: Plasma gun
Preferred Heavy weapon: Rocket launcher
Originally Posted by Aloh´Ta
Edit by FT: Corrected your grammar and made it easier to read.
Eidt by JD: I dunno how you managed to read it after the changes FT
Edit by AC: JD you've spelt edit incorrectly...
Edit by WG: I just wanted to be part of the moment. :P
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Default Re: Synflax VIIth 'burrowers'

I like it, but I think Hardenned fighters should be changed to Veterans like the others. Hardened vets in Carapace armor = love. However, heres another idea.

Iron Discipline- Life on the ice is harsh and cruel. A warrior is one foot step or sneeze from a cave in or avalanche at all times. Only the best survive this harsh, unforgiving world, and it breeds some of the best leaders the star system has ever seen.
Space Marines may be lauded as the ultimate warriors, but it takes a real man to walk with carapace armor and a hell guninto battle, then do their job for them without any genetic hoo-ha
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Default Re: Synflax VIIth 'burrowers'

Thanks you lot. I choose those doctrines cause I don't have the codex so I choose the ones that where mentioned in the IG alternative doctrines pages on the GW website
Gentlemen, it is a nuclear device. TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!
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Default Re: Synflax VIIth 'burrowers'

Originally Posted by OVladimir
I choose those doctrines cause I don't have the codex so I choose the ones that where mentioned in the IG alternative doctrines pages on the GW website
buy the codex. also get the white dwarf with the the abhuman doctrines. nightsiders would fit in nicely. lastly, i dont see snake like inhabitants to be welcomed into the imperium. more than likely, they would be killed, and replaced by humans.
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