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The Krenorian 83rd
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Default The Krenorian 83rd

The Planet Krenor is a desert world in the Segmentum Solar, During the early years of the Great Crusade the entire planet was a battle ground were Orks and humans contested for supremecy untill the Emperor appeared with his Space Marines and killed off the orks. so they decided to join the imperium,

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Default Re: The Krenorian 83rd

the end?

P.S. they dont decide to join the empire, the emperor decided to make them part of the empire.
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Default Re: The Krenorian 83rd

i....see? are you planning on putting an army list in? or regimental fluff? or ya just wanted to make a planet?
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Default Re: The Krenorian 83rd

What is the point of posting this article? There is no discution on it? ???
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