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SylŽKells Auxilliary assault cadre (IG+Kroot) How to spend the last points?
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Default SylŽKells Auxilliary assault cadre (IG+Kroot) How to spend the last points?

SylŽKells Auxilliary Assault cadres

SylŽKell has a high population of humans, and they have become more and more important to the defence of the sector. Earth caste engineers and scientists have helped to establish production of Imperial type materiel, and some upgraded versions have been produced. At the same time, Tau pulse technology has been adapted to better fit the humans and the gueŽvesa forces now has improved body armour and uniforms for example.
The Home defence forces maintain the standard Imperial platoon structure, but some assault cadres have been organized along the hunter cadre model. These units serve alongside regular hunter cadres and are used when more direct approach are needed in assaults.
The units are made up of the finest marksmen of SylŽKell and they are given the most advanced sighting equipment to further enhance their remarkable skill. Such is their skill that they have been put up as an example to follow for Fire Warriors.
It has been debated among the Fire caste why this should be, and one explanation is that since the power of the GueŽvesas rifles are so weak compared to the pulse rifle, it is more important that each shoot counts, while the devastating result of pulse rifle hits, especially from a squad, will disguise the fact that many shoots miss their mark. A tau with a pulse rifle can afford some missed rounds, while a GueŽvesa knows that he might have to hit several times to bring a tough target down.

Training is hard for Assault troopers, but they are proud of fighting alongside the Empires finest and are even given independent tasks. They usually start their careers in the militia and then follow with the light infantry recon teams that are used within tau hunter cadres. The finest among the recon troopers are selected and given the chance to join the Assault cadres.

When they start, they usually are assigned to mortar support squads and as staff assistants. Those skilled in the handling of vehicles becomes crews and hovertroopers, but those good enough will be assigned to the assault grenadier squads, or even the Air assault squads.

The gueŽvesas are often combined with kroots and sometimes drafts the kroots themselves. They do not mind having kroots that have done some mercenary duty and help supply the kroots with human and alien armament.

Rough rider (Hover troopers)
Drop troops

1th SylŽKell Auxilliary Assault cadre (Guards of the Greater good)

GueŽO Bryn – Hero of Taros (Heroic senior officer)
Bolt pistol, Power weapon, refactor field
2 Veterans with bolters
Missile launcher
Carapace & Cameleoline

1st Grenadier squad
10 troopers with GueŽvre (Vet.sgt) Plasma pistol, power weapon & melta bombs, 2 meltaguns 146

Transport: Chimera with multilas, heavy bolter, heavy stubber, Improved com and extra armour, Hunter-Killer, track guards, Camo 143
(Taus are techy, hence the loads of gadgets on the chimera. Not that useful all the time but it is fluffy)

2nd Grenadier squad
10 troopers wih GueŽvre (Vet.sgt) Storm bolter, power weapon & Meltabombs
2 Grenade launchers 137

Veteran tank hunters
10 troopers with GueŽvre. Bolter & auspex, 3 plasma guns, lascannon team, Auspex, Cameleoline and Carapace 172 points

Fast attack
10 Hover troopers (rough riders) with GueŽvre, Bolt pistol, power weapon, frags & meltabombs, Shotguns & 2 Meltagun. Carapace
(I have an idea of these fellows riding upon low-skimming shield drones, somewhat like surfers)

Allied kroots:

Master shaper Hooka- Mark of the favoured child (4+invurnerable) power weapon, Kroot rifle & 2 kroot hounds 90

Carnivore kindred - 10 kroots with Shaper. Frags 102

Heavy support
Hunter Kindred - 6 Kroots with Kroot hunting rifles and Shaper with Auspex 71

1159 points so far

What shall I get with the last 340 points?

Some Sentinels would seem fine, sicne they can be done very tauish looking. I do not know about tanks, since they look to Imperial but they have range and firepower...

What to get?

Asperger, asrai and proud!

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Default Re: SylŽKells Auxilliary assault cadre (IG+Kroot) How to spend the last points?

get 2 tanks to put fear on the table, and a sentinel to draw some fire and look cool. that should just about fill up your remaining points. You'd be surprised how much the lemans unnerve your opponent and he pours all his fire at them until they get dead. Which often takes all game.

I have had Lemans shaken, stunned, immobilized, weapons shot off, and soaking up so much fire that they practically never moved or fired in 6 turns, and still not be dead by the end of a game, but the badguys keep shooting the big guns at them anyway, while your lowly heavy weapons team deals out loads of hurt and doesn't get shot at because people are so worried about taking out the leman.

You can 'tau' them up a bit when you model them so they don't look so imperial.

They draw attention while your soldiers can go on rolling dice and doing damage.

A lot of people say a lone sentinel is a casualty waiting to happen. I say that is the point. soak up more shots. They are especially good if you trick it out for 1 specific role. (heavy flamer suicide sentinel costs 40 points, charges in, burns a lot of stuff, and probably dies, but it's 40 points, lascan 'sniper' sentinel is 55 points and an extra lascan shot from your backline, never advancing, just moving a bit to the right or the left to get good angles)

btw... xenos traitor! stay away from those tau. dont drink the koolaid!
million worlds, unnumbered souls, and a lasgun for every one of them.
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Default Re: SylŽKells Auxilliary assault cadre (IG+Kroot) How to spend the last points?

Well, I shall think something out... I just want it cheap and GE are raising Tank prizes. But I shall look around and see if there is anything out there among the plastic kits that can stand in for a Russ.

Maybe a Russ, a Basilisk and a Sentinel...

Could work...
Asperger, asrai and proud!

My blog: http://mattiknife.wordpress.com
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