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SylŽKells GueŽvesa Assault cadres
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Default SylŽKells GueŽvesa Assault cadres

SylŽKells GueŽvesa Assault cadres

SylŽKell has a high population of humans, and they have become more and more important to the defence of the sector. Earth caste engineers and scientists have helped to establish production of Imperial type materiel, and some upgraded versions have been produced. At the same time, Tau pulse technology has been adapted to better fit the humans and the gueŽvesa forces now has improved body armour and uniforms for example.
The Home defence forces maintain the standard Imperial platoon structure, but some assault cadres have been organized along the hunter cadre model. These units serve alongside regular hunter cadres and are used when more direct approach are needed in assaults.
The units are made up of the finest marksmen of SylŽKell and they are given the most advanced sighting equipment to further enhance their remarkable skill. Such is their skill that they have been put up as an example to follow for Fire Warriors.
It has been debated among the Fire caste why this should be, and one explanation is that since the power of the GueŽvesas rifles are so weak compared to the pulse rifle, it is more important that each shoot counts, while the devastating result of pulse rifle hits, especially from a squad, will disguise the fact that many shoots miss their mark. A tau with a pulse rifle can afford some missed rounds, while a GueŽvesa knows that he might have to hit several times to bring a tough target down.

Training is hard for Assault troopers, but they are proud of fighting alongside the Empires finest and are even given independent tasks. They usually start their careers in the militia and then follow with the light infantry recon teams that are used within tau hunter cadres. The finest among the recon troopers are selected and given the chance to join the Assault cadres.

When they start, they usually are assigned to mortar support squads and as staff assistants. Those skilled in the handling of vehicles becomes crews and hovertroopers, but those good enough will be assigned to the assault grenadier squads, or even the Air assault squads.

Rough rider (Hover troopers)
Storm troopers (Air assault squads)
Special weapon squads (Sniper squads)

1th SylŽKell Assault cadre (Guards of the Greater good)

GueŽO Bryn – Hero of Taros (Heroic senior officer)
Bolt pistol, Power weapon, refactor field, trademark item (Commisar cap)
GueŽVre Kaalen – Battle brother of Bryn (Veteran)
(Honorifica Imperialis) Storm bolter, Meltabomb, Close combat weapon (just for fluff)
Com-trooper RaŽMeses Mastervox
2 troopers with flamers
201 points

Mortar squad with Carapace 100 points

Sniper squad - 6 troopers with 3 sniper rifles and Carapace 85

1st Grenadier squad
8 troopers with GueŽvre (Vet.sgt) bolter & meltabombs, 2 meltaguns & vox 116
Transport: Chimera with multilas, heavy bolter, heavy stubber, Improved com and extra armour 122

2nd Grenadier squad
8 troopers with GueŽvre (Vet.sgt) bolter & auspex, 2 plasma guns, vox 113

3rd Grenadier squad
8 troopers with GueŽvre (Vet.sgt) bolter & auspex, 2 grenade launchers, vox 109

Veteran tank hunters
8 troopers with GueŽvre. Bolter & auspex, 3 plasma guns, lascannon team, vox and Carapace 150 points

Air assault grenadiers
8 troopers with GueŽvre, Bolt pistol and power weapon, 2 flamers , meltabombs & vox.
Deep strike and infiltrate 157

Fast attack
8 Hover troopers with GueŽvre, Bolt pistol & Power weapon, laspistol & CCW, 2 Meltagun,
Meltabombs, vox & Carapace 148
(I have an idea of these fellows riding upon low-skimming shield drones, somewhat like surfers)

Sentinel with autocannon, Hunter-killer missile, extra armour, camo nettings 66

Heavy support
SylŽKell pattern assault gun (Basilisk)
Armoured crew compartment & extra armour 125
(Will be converted, probably from a 1/48 scale model of the Swedish S-tank)
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Default Re: SylŽKells GueŽvesa Assault cadres

Another reason for their improved aim could be their longer lifespan - the average trooper is around 24-40. Most Tau would be dead by then, longer life = more chance to practice ;D

That's the reasoning i gave for my Gue'Vessa being BS 4 for the most part. O0

list looks pretty good overall, although somewhat lacking in armour - I can't see that Chimera lasting long as it's the only non-indirect armoured unit on the table ALL your opponents antitank will be all over it.

I find (In all my armies) that with armour you've got to take loads or none at all.

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Default Re: SylŽKells GueŽvesa Assault cadres

My Gue'vassa are all BS4 as well, but thats only because carapace armored guardsmen suck compared to storm troopers, and I wanted to be reasonably effective. Fluffwise, they don't have a BS4.

I can't quite tell, but it seems that several of your squads have been issued meltabombs. They are horribly overpriced if taken for an entire squad. If you want them, than give them to a veteran seargent.

You have almost no firepower outside of 24". First turn that basilisk gets hit by every anti-tank weapon in the opposing army, and then all your opponent has to do is fire heavy weapons at you while your infantry runs up to him. You've got the rough riders and some infiltrators, but those can be hunted down by enemy assault elements because they won't have sufficient firepower on their own to drive them back, and they don't have any power in HtH.
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Default Re: SylŽKells GueŽvesa Assault cadres

Well I have to be honest...this list can use a lot of improvement, I know you want to go elite, but if you want it to be effective then you will need to change a couple of things. Sorry if I'm stepping on your fluff it bit too much :P.

The HQ unit is kinda overpriced. for only a 5 man squad you are kinda handing your opponant 201 victory points in a very neat gift wrapper. I would just cheap it down to a heroic SO with power sword and maybe a refractor field. It states that the honourifica vet is there for fluff reasons, well I find this very cute and all, but he is is no good, the command squad excists for the sole reason of holding the line (you can always build a background around it). the 2 flamers ain't gonna do much, better of taking plasma guns, the enemy shouldn't come close enough for you to use those flamers and plasma guns are much more effective. The vox system is also not effective, your guardsmen should stick together and that should mean that you are close enough to benefit from the Ld bonus he provides. I would take a standerd bearer in stead of the vox caster and a medic in stead of the uber vet. This way you'll have a little cheaper, but much more effective unit. Drop the whole vox network it just ain't worth it, your army is already elite enough and you shouldn't spend it on more goodie doodies that will limit your effectiveness

The support squads
Mortars are a point sink, just not worth it, the chance is to slim for them pinning a unit, you're better of taking lascannons as you need more long range fire power.

3 sniper rifles ain't gonna get you anywere, they will never earn their points back, better drop these guys so you free some more points up for other things (like being able to replace those mortars).


Boost this squad to 10 men, you should always try to max out guard units, unless they are going kamikaze. Preferably I want my vets to remain moblie, this means getting rid of the lascannon, and infiltrate to the nearest tank, moving into 12 inch and popping it, but if you want to keep it this way go ahead.

-storm troopers
Also once again max out all units, so this means take 10 storm troopers. I wouldn't advise in taking deep strike AND infiltrate, this will mean you will always waste at least 10 points which could be spent in better stuff. the 2 flamers could be effective if you deep strike, but then you will have to be amoongst the enemy and since they will be mostly on their own they will be as good as dead. Better of taking some plasma guns, these babies are good enough to blow up the medium tanks, have a good range and are devastating against heavy troops. Meltabombs are overpriced, lose them, better of freeing more points to get a good anti-tank squad. They already have krak grenades so that can be effective against most tanks if you charge their side armour. Or give them meltaguns, because you kinda have a shorage in anti-tank weapons here.


Max out each squad and give them all plasma guns, plasma guns are great in the hands of a grenadier, with his good BS and decant armour save he is ideal in a guard army to take these guns. I think the chimera will be easy prey for your enemy, maybe you should replace it with another storm trooper squad (since you already have 3 grenadier squads). You need to increase your numbers in order to be effective.

Fast Attack

RR are good, but I would replace their ccw weapons with shotguns, you will have just as many chances in killing the enemy if you also charge them, but you'll be more effective if you decide to not to charge. Meltabombs should be ok on RR, still think they are overpriced and if if they go charging a tank near the enemy lines they will have a hard time getting out of there (as every unit near will shoot at them), but with a little skill you can make this a very effective unit. Once again drop the vox, just like all the other units.

Just give it basic stuff, the hunter-killer missile isn't good at all, it's overpriced for a 1 shot weapon. The camo-netting is only worth it in special scenarios when hidden-setup is used, but since it doesn't cost that many points I shall not whine about it. I prefer lascannon sentinels, but cadian sentinels are also pretty effective. Just try to get another 1 or 2 in the game, since a single sentinel is easily picked on.

Heavy support

Try to make this a leman russ, you're only 30 points away form making it a leman russ with 3 heavy bolters, which is 10 times more effective then a bassie. It will be worth it, trust me. The amount of armour in your army is so low that the bassie will get almost every AT gun aimed on it, and bassie go pop easily.

Srry if I come over a little whiny or mean and srry if I hurt your fluff to much, but I think an army like this can be a lot more effective and I have to be direct about this sort of stuff. This list you have now will get whooped at my local GW.


Getting sick of all the 40konline server troubles :P

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Default Re: SylŽKells GueŽvesa Assault cadres

I have a fluff problem. Why does the commander have an honorifica imperialis if they aren't imperial?
But seriously, a Guardsman, I'm willing to bet, could a) outshoot me, b) give me the beating of my life, and c) shove more squad-based tactics down my throat than I'd ever care to digest. Guard are hard, hard men. Whether or not GW's inconsistent, Marine-worshipping fluff keeps with that, mkay?

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Originally Posted by Nox
Legio why do I always imagine you shouting when I read your posts? :P
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Default Re: SylŽKells GueŽvesa Assault cadres

It could be an equivalent Tau medal
Space Marines may be lauded as the ultimate warriors, but it takes a real man to walk with carapace armor and a hell guninto battle, then do their job for them without any genetic hoo-ha
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Default Re: SylŽKells GueŽvesa Assault cadres

Yes, it is! I only symoblize the same thing as the Imperialis...

I will take the comments into consideration.

The problem is that I cannot remodel an S-tank to be a credible "count as a Russ". Which means it would cost twice as much now.

But I will see what I can do...

Keep those comments coming.
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