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1000 point LI/camo army
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Default 1000 point LI/camo army

hey everyone. I've got a lsit for y'all to rip a new one, so without further ado...my first post on Tau Online:

Light Infantry (LI)
Cameleoline (Camo)
Iron Discipline (ID)
Close Order Drill (COD, more of a filler doctrine until i get some comissars/RRs)

HQ: JO (honorifica)....94
1 heavy bolter team
1 medic
1 regular guardsman
(camo, LI, COD, ID)

HQ support squads:
fire support squad (3 autocannons camo, LI, COD)....80

Anti tank squad (3 lascannons, camo, LI, COD).....95

Troops 1: platoon.....252
command squad:.....82
JO (bolt pistol)
-2 grenade launcher weilding guardsmen
-2 regular guard
(camo LI, ID, COD)

squad 1:.....90
-heavy bolter
-plasma gun
(camo LI, COD)

squad 2:.....80
-plasma gun
(camo LI, COD)

Troops 2: platoon......267

command squad:.....97
JO (bolt pistol)
-2 plasma gun weilding guardsmen
-1 more regular guardsman
(ID, camo, LI, COD)

squad 1:.....90
-heavy bolter
-plasma gun
(camo, LI, COD)

squad 2:.....80
-plasma gun
(camo, LI, COD)

Heavy Support: LRBT......173
-hull las (i know another configuration would be better, but it was built in my carapace/sharpshooters/drop troops/cameleoline or some such nonsense days....i have another in the works)
-side heavy bolters
-HK missile

Elites: Storm trooper squad 1:.....120
8 storm troopers, 1 sgt.
2 plasma guns
infiltrate or deepstrike (ill just inform the opponent beforehand and make a note, i believe the points costs are the same)

Elites: Storm trooper squad 2:......106
7 storm troopers, 1 sgt.
2 grenade launchers
infiltrate or deepstrike (same as above)

total: 1001 (yes, it is 1 point over, but i think it will slide....if not, ill just replace a bolt pistol officer with a laspistol one)

final notes: i was going to add in a macharian cross to the officer in the HQ squad, but points forbid it.

Strategy: infiltrate to cover, preferably near deployment zone, set traps and such using my superiour start position, storm troopers stay near, working together to capture objectives, deepstrike, and generally annoy the enemy. (any tips on strategy are also appreciated)

fluff: My force is a specially trained escort for mobile artillery, and a guarding force for non mobile, (i know i have none in the army, it will be added as i gain more money, thinking 2 bassies or griffons) using training in concealment to draw the enemy in to attack, springing from hidden positions before the enemy get too close, or waiting until they are nearly upon their targets until closing in from all sides. The COD is just a thing in there for now until i can get some commissars, and use the independent commissar doctrine. The regiments special assignments need utmost stealth to keep positions hidden; commissars are placed throughout the men to insure everyone stays down and does not break and fire too early, or run in the face of a chaos charge before the order is given to break concealment and engage.

being the attacking force can be rationalized by using less artillery, and more tanks/fast attack, since the regiment is already trained in stealth, why not use them to sneak up and attack the enemy when there are no emplacments or convoys that need protection. (this is jsut kind of an idea that i had, ill refine it and change it as i go along.)

Edit: fluff to include storm troopers:
The storm troopers are perfectly rational when infiltrating, its one of the jobs they wer trained for. deepstriking storm troopers represent paratrooper strikes against high priority targets when the regular men are in over their heads (such as a chaos lord, or marneus calgar, usually one of them would not command a raiding force, or skirmishing force; like the ones depicted in 40k for the most part), once one of these dangerous foes is sighted, more elite reinforcments may be diverted to deal with the problem
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