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new player first list
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Old 13 Feb 2006, 20:52   #1 (permalink)
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Default new player first list

This is a list of the units i was thinking of buying. any comments suggestions id be happy too hear them. still trying to figure out the troop thing if i got it wrong just tell me.

total points:1250


senior officer
1 mortar team

105 pts


undecited yet

special units



x8 ratlings

88 pts

1 techpriest

45 pts

fast attack

x3 sentinel


x3 sentinels


x9 rough riders
veteran Sergeant


heavy support

x1 leman russ battle tank
heavy flamers


x1 leman russ demolisher
multis meltas


I'm looking forward to your advice

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Old 13 Feb 2006, 21:07   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: new player first list

The list is not legal. You cant take stormtroopers in a command squad, only either guardsmen or veterans. Your infantry squad need to follow the entry rules, which means a 5 man command squad and at least two 10 man squads per entry. Catachans are an arrmy, not just a unit, but you could take the doctrines for the whole army. And catachans cant take big tanks.
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Old 14 Feb 2006, 00:36   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: new player first list

I would go reread the codex before you buy.Some of it doesnt sound right.
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Old 14 Feb 2006, 00:50   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: new player first list

Rich is right, ogryns alone are 15 bucks each. Even if you get 25% off your order (mail order) you will still pay hefty for things like rough riders and ogryns. I would suggest min/maxing your costs. Get stuff that comes in the battle box. Storm troopers, for example, are 40 bucks for 10, while cadian shock troopers are 35 for 20. Heavy weapons teams are also expensive. I would suggest Moding normal troopers and using what comes leftover from the battle box. I think you can make 9 heavy weapons teams out of the components in a battle box, if you mod properly.
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Default Re: new player first list

Big_chief_willy I thought you were going with witch hunters in the end? Anyways beside the point, it seems to me that a leman russ would be handier on the battle feilds you and I play on since the demolisher cannon only has a range of 24 inches?
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Default Re: new player first list

Hey you'll need to plan out that infantry before anybody can help you with it. Something I am wondering about is if you plan on kitting out that Techpriest. it defininitely helps to take some servitors and wierd little gadgets that dont take up many points if you use one of those guys. (What is a techpriest without gadgets?)

By the way I love the big squad of roughriders with shotguns. That has style. What figs do you plan on using?
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