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tourney 1250
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Default tourney 1250

well its time for me to start cranking up the war machine for a tourney in about a month. its 1250 (I am told 1850 is standard but I haven't played in a tornament since the nineties and I was told 1250 by the guy who invited me) I am pretty well versed with the rules in 40k because I play every week or two, although some enemy armies special abilities still catch me off guard. I have a Guard Codex and a Rulebook but none of those chapter-approved forgeworld type books, but I don't think they are tournament legal anyways.

So for this army I chose my Cadians since I have a lot more of them than Catachans. The people I will be playing will be ruthless powergamers and not very interested with 'fluff' so I wont bother to much. Suffice to say they are a guard regiment similar to U.S. forces in modern warfare. Well equipped, trained, and disciplined and instilled with the belief that they are superior to whatever rabble forces they may face. (They will probably be shocked to find out they are not quite right from time to time in the 40k setting)

The tactics I plan on using involve spreading out on the first turn, finding cover, and then spending the rest of the game shooting and shooting. Very static. The stormtroopers are the only exception to this, and sarge is armed for cc with the only power weapon in my army

My purpose in posting is that if some of you vets more familiar with 4th ed. than I am have any wisdom to share, please suggest the changes. I am a bit constricted by specific figures, but have some room to move, and some time to convert (I've been planning on pasting a bolter on one of my officers for instance but haven't gotten around to it yet)

so here come the guard:
storm troopers, iron discipline, sharpshooters
Command section:101
HSO w. iron discipline
veteran medic
2 heavy bolter crew

3 Missile launchers, Sharpshooters

3 Mortars
infantry platoon:
command: grenade launcher, heavy bolter team =58
squad:lascannon, vox, grenade launcher =98
squad:lascannon, vox, grenade launcher =98
squad:heavy bolter =70

armor fist:
meltagun, vox, autocannon =90
chimera has 2 hvy flamers and smoke =88

5 w. 2 plasguns, deep strike, vet sgt w power weapon

veterans:76 (its all about the bs4 this time)
5 with 2 autocannon crew, 2 grenade launchers, sarge has a shotgun and ccw

Leman: lascannon

Leman: 3 hvy bolters
million worlds, unnumbered souls, and a lasgun for every one of them.
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Default Re: tourney 1250

id up grade the vox caster in your command to a master vox.

id say that your hardened veteran sargeant would be more usefull with a bolter than a shotgun, and your Strooper sargeant with a stormbolter(or bolter) than with a power sword. but its really up to you.(what i did for the Strooper sarge was cut of the hellpistol and replace it with two marine bolters, then i just count the sabre as a normal CCW, since it can be both)

if you have a spare 12 points haveing a pintle mounted heavy stubber on the heavy bolter russ isnt a bad idea.
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Default Re: tourney 1250

Drop Troops and Close Order Drill. Both doctrines are free, and both allow you to get all kinds of crazy on the table. This would require a fair amount of tweaking from the static list you've got here, though. Off the top of my head, Drop the Mortar squad for its points, turn the Stormtroopers into more Veterans, and with the points you save (and about 10 more from someplace else), turn the AF squad into a regular squad and a Hellhound (and use the rest of your points to pick up another platoon command group to keep it all legal). Just deploy your Tanks, and keep everything else in reserve, dropping them into rear vehicle arcs and so forth, catching your opponents (ideally) in a crossfire from the tanks on one side and troops on the other.

But that's just me.
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