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Default Ogryns

What are peoples thoughts on Ogryns? They're pricey but loking at their stat line they seem to be worth it against any combat based army. Anybody field them who can tell me how they performed? Anybody get creamed by em or smash em to bits?
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Default Re: Ogryns

At first their save worried me, but the rest more then makes up for them. I plan on using them in conjunction with a semi beefed up HSC and command squad. Dunno how they'll play practically though...
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Default Re: Ogryns

Why I dont use them

1- Their ugly as sin
2- I dont have the points

From what heard they get shot up alot.
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Default Re: Ogryns

+++Why you should try them :P

1- They're ugly as sin, but you could use other models
2- Make room for them in your army list, they're a good cc unit

From what I've heard they have high toughness and lots of wounds +++
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Default Re: Ogryns

Well, a good reason to use these guys is that with a squad of five plus a chimera you can make an very nice meat shield/frontal assault unit. These guys get shot at and with the high toughness (and wounds) they keep on coming. Their guns aern't to bad either but in close combat their one of the few things i've seen kill Khorne Berserkers without loosing an almost equal number of wounds!

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