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Default questions

I have noticed a lot of posts since I started on this forum that are usually based on lack of owning some book or other. I would like to suggest that since you all (obviously) have access to the internet, to look into 'armies of the imperium' and 'enemies of the imperium' free downloads from GW. My friend showed me this recently and I can say that it is a useful tool and reference. It is not flawless, and screws some things up occasionally (for instance it can't handle 'leftovers' squads for some reason) but for the most part it is a good referance, convenient tool for things like looking up the side armor on a hellhound and such questions.
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Default Re: questions

While I haven't used the downloads off the site, I am a big proponent of having the book. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the rules are the cheapest part of your army, and far and away the most valuable.
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Default Re: questions

I agree. I have no problem with anyone posting rules interpretation queries, or saying that they can't find a certain rule and asking where it can be found. But when people start asking for rules and stats, that are in the codex- or even free to download on the GW site- it really winds me up.
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Default Re: questions

Yea me too. I remember on the games workshop site some guy was asking for the stats of the missile launcher and he kept saying it wasnt in there. Eventually we found out that he didnt know that the launchers fired the frag and krak missiles lol
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