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[BatRep] Imperial Guard vs Tyranid
Closed Thread
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Default [BatRep] Imperial Guard vs Tyranid

As everyone knows I just started playing 40k and chose the best of the best the Imperial Guard as my starting army. Though I intended to go with a stormtrooper list I actually returned the models and purchased standard guard. As I sat at the store this weekend assembling my army I was able to watch a number of other games and upon finishing my armies assembly I was offered a game with one of the store regulars, a Tyranid player. Though I would prefer to have a painted army I thought what the heck it could be fun and it will probably be a month or more for me to finish painting up what I have already. So glued and grey the 77th Cadian regiment took to the field to defend the empire against the recon elements of Hive Fleet Kraken.

I have a few pictures but can't seem how to add them to this post so if someone can tell me later I will try to put them up later.

----------------------------77th Cadian Regiment
1x Command Squad
-Jr. Officer (BP, PF, HI)
-GL x2

1x Commissar (BP, PW)

2x Lascannon Teams
2x Mortar Teams

Infantry Platoons (same equipment)
2x Command Squad
-Jr. Officer (BP, PW)
-PG x2

4x Infantry Squads (10 men each)
-Sgt (CCW, LP)

2x Hellhounds

------------------------------Elements of Hive Fleet Kraken
1x Hive Tyrant
-flesh hooks
-rending claws
-lash whip
-implant attack

1x Lictor

3x Hormagaunt Broods (16 gaunts)
-adrenal glands (+1 str +1 int)

2x Termagaunt Broods (16 gaunts)

1x Carnifex
-regen, 2+ save, not sure what else

2x Zoanthropes
-shield, warp blast

I will try to describe the battlefield since I can't post the pics so bear with me as it is my first time :-[.

F= Forests (5+ CS)
H= Hills (Block LOS if intervening)
B= Building (4+ CS
w=Wall (6+ CS)
C= Impact Crater (4+ CS if in it)
Board: 48" length
Deployment Zones: 12" (24" minimum between sides required)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



wwww CCCC
CCCC wwwwwww

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BBBBBBBBB wwwwwwwwww
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I won the roll for choosing sides and upon looking at the board set up I chose the South deployment zone as it offered the most open terrain in front of my battle lines which the nids would have to cross to reach me.

Once again the Emperors light shone upon the loyal 77th and I won the dice roll to set up. My oppenent sighed but was confident that in the end the biogenetic material of the 77th would satisfy the fleets never quenching appetite. Though we alternated set up I am just going to include everything per side for ease of reading and understanding

My opponent put his Carnifex behind the building in the NE corner of his deployment zone. My opponent then placed both zoanthropes. One was placed in the forest and the other behind the hill in the central portion of his deployment zone.

Moving on to troops. My oppenent deployed his 3 hormagaunt squads. 1 was in the NW with the Zoan. 1 in the middle behind the hill. The last was placed in the building in front of the Fex. His termagaunts were deployed centrally behind the hill out of sight and for the moment out of mind.

His Lictor was hidden and he placed the Hive Tyrant with Body Guard in the NE quadrant with his Fex and between his two hormagaunt squads.

77th Cadian's Deployment:
Since I had no heavies I started with my troop. 1st platoon deployed centrally. One squad was deployed behind the wall in my deployment zone while 2nd squad was deployed on the third floor of the building in my SE corner. The platoons command squad was deployed on the ground floor of the SE building where it could react and provide support fire with its plasma weapons.

2nd Platoon deployed in the center and SW. 1st Squad, 2nd platoon deployed to the left of the central wall and slightly back keeping distance in case of close combat. 2nd Squad deployed in the SW building on the third floor. 2nd's command squad deployed on the ground floor of the SW building within range of both its squads.

Moving on to HQ I deployed my Captain's squad behind the SW building. Out of sight from enemy fire and in a position where he could oversee the battle and direct its course. I set both mortar teams up behind the SW building with the Captain and seeing how the Nids lacked long range fire I placed the lascannon teams on the 4th and 5th floors of the SW building. Gaining a 4+ cover save and almost opposite corners of the majority of nid forces would allow me to place long range fire without fear of retaliation.

My last two choices were my 2 hellhounds. Seeing how the nids were weak on the West side I placed both of them to the West of the SW building blocking LOS to any Nid weapons.

Lt. Colonel Reid raised the electro-binocs to his eyes. Where before his naked eyes could barely make out the shapes in the distance the electro range magnifier amplified the visitors as though they were only a 100 meters away. To the West, moving through the forest he could make out the Zoanthropes, hideous blobous heads that floated on a malignant body to weak to support the weight. In front scurried the ravenous and deadly hormaguants. He watched as the creatures bounding gait allowed them to cross the rolling terrain with tremendous speed. The muscles of their hind legs gave them powerful strength and quickness while their talons held over head could cleave a man in two faster then he could draw breath.

Lt.Colonel Reid scanned the battlefield to the East. He saw nothing at first and his spirit raised slightly but it was short lived for he saw what he sought. Moving from behind the remnaints of a ferrocrete structure moved the worse creatures of these Xenos. Terrifying and towering Saunders watched 2 creature move. The first was a Carnifex, its hunched over appearance made it look slow and methodical, the crab like claws swept ruined vehicles from its path and crushed steel like it was paper. Its back was covered in a chitenous shell that could repel all but the biggest weapons the Guard had and was pockmarked with scars from previous battles. Moving with the Carnifex was another horrific creature. It resembled death incarnate, its large talons could penetrate steel and it moved on its too legs with fluid motion. In front of it moved two smaller creatures similar to the big one. As Reid zoomed out he caught sight of more of the small creatures bounding in front of the monstrous creatures.

Lowering the binocs Lt. Colonel Reid turned to his comm officer. "Radio Battalion, advise them that we have engaged the enemy at coordinates 101.7 by 404.2"

Turning to the two Lieutenants gathered around him "Return to your men. Stand fast and remember we serve the Emperor."

As the Lt.'s left to attend to their men Lt. Colonel Reid heard a voice from behind "Do you think it necessary to remind them of who they fight for?"

Reid wasn't sure whether the voice was asking a question or making an accusation. Turning, he faced the young female commissar. If he didn't know her he would say she was attractive but he knew beyond the physical beauty was a heart cold and driven to serve the Imperium.

"The men know their responsibilities and will sell their lives to protect the regiment and their honour if necessary Commissar Blackburn. Yet even good men need to hear the voice of authority now and then" Lt. Col Reid stated fixing his eyes on hers. Though she was slighter in height she carried her authority and power with strength.

"They best Col. or it shall be you paying the price for their failure. There is no room in the Imperial Guard for those who make mistakes" She stated evenly.

Lt. Col Reid didn't respond, he didn't have time to as the battle would soon be joined. Nodding his head in acknowledgement he turned his gaze back to the front, but even as he did so he heard the sound of a hammer of a bolt pistol being drawn back................
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Default Re: Bat Rep: 77th Cadian vs Tyranid

*I won the roll to go first and the game began.*

IG Turn 1:
With most of my army being static the majority of my army stood its ground with the exception of the Hell hounds. Realizing the weakness in the Nid West Flank I wanted to expose it and raced the hounds 6" forward into a position to draw LOS to the Zoanathrope and Hormagaunts in the NW forest. The rest of the army aimed their weapons and we moved into the shooting phase.

I started the game off lobbing 6 mortar rounds into the needs on the NE flank. The marker round landed on target eliminating 3 hormagaunts, the subsequent rounds also landed in the vicinity eliminating 4 more to the shrapnel of the explosive rounds. The second mortar teams marker round was a little off and overshot the intended target coming down on the Hive Tyrant and its Guard. After all rolls were made 1 wound was inflicted on the Tyrant Guard. The hellhounds did tremendously better, both hounds unleashed their firey breath on the Hormagaunts in the forest. Rolling 2 hits I eliminated 9 of the beasts in the inferno. My next group to fire was the lascannon teams. Taking aim at the Hive Tyrant I rolled 3 hits and 3 wounds which were all failed. Leaving the HT suddenly alone.

Corporal Hudson popped the bubble of his gum as his loader Pvt. Wilson came running up the stairs leading to the building roof carrying two energy packs in his arms. The battle had been going on for a few minutes now and Corp. Hudson could see the Hellhounds belching their firey into an unknown enemy in the forest. Hudson shuddered, burning to death was no way for a man to die, but these weren't men, they were bugs, and you crush a bug under your boot.

"Hurry it up Wilson!" Hudson shouted over the noise of outgoing mortar rounds even as Pvt. Wilson finsihed connecting the power amplifier cables to the gun system

"UP!" Wilson shouted

"Firing Now!" Hudson replied taking aim on the large Hive Tyrant and pulling the trigger. In less then a heartbeat the beam had travelled the hundreds of meters across the field striking one of the creatures felling it even as the heat from such an energy discharge washed back over the two guardsmen causing sweat to bead from their brows.

First blood had gone to the Guard but the battle was long from over......

Tyranid Turn 1:
My opponent shook his head in chagrin as 200 pts of models had been wiped from the board and not a Tyranid shot been fired. There were still alot of bugs on the board and he moved into his first turn.

The Zoanthrope and hormagaunts in the NW moved forward 6". In the centre both termagaunts and hormagaunt squad raced forward their 6" while the Zoanthrope floated along behind. In the NE the Carnifex moved out from behind the building and alongside the hive tyrant shielding it from my fire (apparantly TMC block LOS so I couldn't see the HT...so he said) while the much smaller hormagaunts dashed forward.

In the shooting phase everything Fleet of Clawed at least 4" (he was rolling 3d6). In the shooting phase the Zoanthrope fired at the lascannon team on the roof in the SW building. *note he said playing city was easier so rolled 1d3 for how many models hit* and inflicted 3 hits and 3 wounds. Luckily for me I made 2 of the cover saves and lost 1 guardsman. The Zoanathrope in the middle fired at the guardsmen behind the central wall and vaporized 3 men but their faith held and stood their ground.

1x Guardsman (lascannon team 1)
3x Guardsman (1st Platoon 1st squad)
Total: 4
9x Hormagaunts NW Squad
7x Hormagaunts NE Squad
2x Tyrant Guard
Total: 18

The hair on Cpl. Hudsons neck stood on end as he watched the floating head turn in his direction. There was a sense of dread building inside him but from what he couldn't figure out until he saw the air crackle around the bulbous form as though it was gathering the very energy around it, focusing into something.....what......."Get down!" someone shouted.

Hudson reacted automatically, throwing himself flat on the tar roof of the building structure, his hands over his head. The impact shockwave shook the structure and his head and for a moment he lay there thinking he was dead. Slowly the sounds of the battle could be heard and the reality of war came flooding back. Lifting himself up Hudson glanced over the ferrocrete railing. He was alive and couldn't help but smile "Frack can you believe that Wilson" he said slapping his hand on his loaders backside which was warm and wet. Looking down Hudson saw why. Wilson had not been quick enough in getting down, where a man had once been all that remained was the lower trunk of a human being. The top half was gone, and with it his friend.

IG Turn 2:
With the casualties being in my favor I decided to press on with the plan. My squads stood fast while I moved the hellhounds forward and East in hopes of thinning the Termagaunts. With movement over we moved to the shooting phase

With the whole Tyranid army within 24" I decided to unload everything I had. I started off with all 4 infantry squads shooting their lasguns and grenade launchers at the approaching hormagaunts. I managed to eliminate the remaining 7 hormagaunts advancing from the NW. The centre Hormagaunt brood was knocked down to 8 models from the original 16 while my NE firing was less effective and only managed to eliminate 2 Hormagaunts. Next turn they would be in charge range and their squad size was still large enough to give him 20+ hits. 2nd Platoon Command Squad located in the SW area opened fire at the advancing Zoanathrope inflicting 2 wounds and no overheat killing the creature. While the command squad in the SE side fired on the Carnifex inflicting 1 wound
My mortar team shots were ineffective both drifted out of range and inflicted no casualties while the lascannon teams fired at the Carnifex inflicting 1 more wound. The hellhounds fired at the termagaunts in the nid center and eliminated 11 gaunts in the blaze. (6 from one, 5 from the other)

Tyranid Turn 2: (Carnifex regen fails all 3 rolls)
With only 2 wounds left on the Carnifex he moved it into the building on the East Flank. The Hive Tyrant continued its lumbering move forward 6" while the Hormagaunts dashed forward beneath it. In the centre both Termagaunt squads moved forward 6" while the Zoanthrope floated behind. This is also when my opponent deployed the Lictor in the crater directly in front of 2nd Platoon 1st squad and moved it to within charge range.

In the shooting phase the zoanthrope in the middle again fired its psychic blast at the lascannon team inflicting another 3 hits. This time his luck was better and he killed 3 leaving me with 1 lascannon team which passed their morale roll thanks to LD 10 . A few Fleet of claw rolls and he was within charge range

With shooting over we moved to the assault phase. The hormagaunts on the right charged the command squad of 1st platoon on the ground floor of the SE building. The center hormagaunts charged the damaged squad behind the center wall while the Lictor chaged into the other guard squad holding the center.

Working right to left we started with the fight in the SE building. With 27 attacks I wasn't expecting to hold the line but needing 3+ to hit and 3+ to wound I ended up having to make 11 5+ saves....which I didn't however since we attacked at same initiative I did get my attacks back and my power sword wielding LT managed to hack down 3 of the bugs while the other 4 guardsmen dropped 1 more. With the massacre move they consolidated into the guard squad on the upper level.

The fight in the middle went better with the 8 hormagaunts facing off against 7 guardsmen. Once again defending cover we attacked simutaneously (he had flesh hooks) again he inflicted about 10 hits and 8 wounds to which I promptly rolled 5 5+ rolls and took only 3 casualties. My return attacks were more damaging as I rolled 4 hits and then rolled 4 6's to wound killing 4. Winning the combat he told me was fearless so nothing happened as I didn't outnumber him 2-1.

The fight with the lictor went well. With only 3-4 attacks he managed to inflict 2 wounds which I saved one. My counter attack failed to wound it but the combat was a draw

3x Guardsman (lascannon-shooting)
4x Guardsman (medic, PG x2, Vox-CC)
1x Lieutenant (1st Platoon Command-CC)
3x Guardsman (1st Platoon, 1st Squad-CC)
1x Guardsman (2nd Platoon, 1st Squad-Lictor)
Total: 12
7x Hormagaunts (NW Squad-eliminated)
8x Hormagaunts (Center Squad)
4x Hormagaunts (NE Squad)
6x Termagaunts (1st Squad)
5x Termagaunts (2nd Squad)
1x Zoanthrope
Total: 31

IG Turn 3:
With my right flank folding in on itself I was wondering how I could shore up the defenses. I again moved the hell hounds East to keep LOS on the termagaunts. With the Lictor engaged in my lines I wanted to rid it this turn so I moved my Command Squad out from behind the building and into charge range. The rest of my army held fast so I could shoot.

Shooting phase. The hellhounds flame both termagaunt squads again and wipe them out. The lascannon teams on the roof of the SW building fired 4 shots at the Carnifex in the building on the East Flank inflicting one wound dropping it to its last. 2nd Platoons command squad rapid fired their plasma guns at the last Zoanthrope inflicting 3 hits (1 overheat...saved by medic) popping it like the disgusting balloon it was.

Moving on to assault I charged the Lictor with the command squad. The Lictor attacked first hitting twice and inflicting 2 wounds on my HSO but I managed both saves. My return attacks went well. Commissar Blackburn managed to inflict 1 wound with her power sword and after failing to wound with the rest of the guardsman I managed to hit 3 times with my HSO and with st 6 PF wounded all 3 times killing the Lictor.

The center combat resulted in me losing another 2 guardsman but killing 3 hormagaunts. Being out of synapse range the gaunts broke from combat and fled towards the hive tyrant (nearest synapse) creature.

The battle in the SE building had numbers in my favor and despite losing 2 guardsman to CC wounds I managed to kill 3 gaunts. After winning combat I was told the gaunts were fearless but since I outnumbered them he took 2 wounds eliminating them. I masacred 5" out of the building and away from the Hive Tyrant putting the building between me and it.

2x Guardsman (2nd Platoon 1st Squad-CC)
2x Guardsman (1st Platoon 1st Squad-CC)
2x Guardsman (1st Platoon 2nd Squad-CC)
Total: 6
1x Zoanthrope
9x Termagaunts (wiped out)
11x Termagaunts (wiped out)
1x Lictor
3x Hormagaunts (Center Squad)
4x Hormagaunts (NE Squad-wiped out CC)
Total: 29

Where it had come from he didn't know and it didn't matter. What did matter was that it was killing his men and he had to act. Lt. Col Reid drew his bolt pistol from its holster and without looking back at his men charged into the swirling melee. The creature was larger then him and colored a sickly purple. The beast met his charge head on sweeping one of its massive talons towards his head. Lt. Col Reid ducked the strike, the razor shaw edge passing scant feet above his head. Reid moved to his right forcing the beast to pivot to follow. Head on the beast was fast but because of its size it had a problem turning....a weakness he thought.

"That's it..that's it...a little more" Reid said softly outloud. His breathing was laboured already. "Now" Reid planted his right foot and then immediately moved back to his left and in towards the creature...."I got you now"

Whether it read his mind in some foul way or there was some other unknown reason the Lictor moved fast, faster then Reid expected. It anticipated his move and out with its right talon striking Lt. Col Reid in his left shoulder tearing through the protection his armor provided.

The blow knocked Reid down to one knee as the creatures left talon came down through the Colonels left thigh dropping him to his knees. Reid looked up at creature, blood seeped from his wounds. The creature withdrew its talon and raised it for coup de grace. Reid glared at the beast, defiant, he would not show this creature fear. The claw descended aimed at his chest but the path to his heart was intercepted by the blade of Commissar Blackburns power sword. The swords razor sharp edge cut through the hardened bone of the Lictors Talon severing it from its owner. It was the time Reid needed, he rose to his feet and plunged his powered fist through the center of the creature crushing its spinal column in his augmented hand. The beast crumpled, its life over.

Tyranid Turn 3:
My opponent started the turn by placing 32 Termagaunts back on the board (16 in 2 squads) stating that he bought then unending assault or something that allows him to keep replacing his models once the squad is dead.

The gaunts were out of synapse so moved towards the hive tyrant 6" but really could do nothing. The carnifex failed its regen again and kept cowering in the building (have a great picture of it). THe hormagaunts that were running got back within synapse range and moved forward again.

No shootin....

With nothing in charge range his turn was over.

IG Turn 4:
I started the turn by again moving my hell hounds towards the Termagaunts (easy VP I was thinking). My Command Squad moved back into cover of the SW building. All infantry squads moved East away from the remaining Tyranids to form a new line in the SW quadrant

Shooting phase saw me open up with both hellhounds and burn a dozen Termagaunts. While the lascannons fired on the exposed Hive Tyrant inflicting 3 wounds killing it. The guardsman on the ground fired their grenade launchers while the command squad and mortars pumped their rounds into the remaining Hormagaunts wiping them out. The only thing left on the board was the Carnifex and with no Synapse Creatures left the Termagaunts would be lurking next turn.

Assault None

5x Hormagaunts
12x Termagaunts
1x Hive Tyrant
Total: 18

Tyranid Turn 4:
The Carnifex regenerated 1 wound but stayed hidden. The termagaunts lurked in the building in the NE corner

No shooting or assault

IG Turn 5:
The hellhounds closed in on the Termagaunts and fired again eliminating 10 Termagaunts. The lascannon teams, mortar, plasma gun command, lasguns and grenade launchers fired on the carnifex inflicting a number of wounds slagging the great beast.

1x Carnifex
10x Termagaunts

Tyranid Turn 5:
He conceded....end game

Imperial Guard Victory-Annihilation

The sun was setting but it was over....all around him his men were going over the battle field check the dead and tending to the wounded. Reid looked around, there was so much death, the 77th had held the line but they had suffered losses. Reid's thoughts were interrupted as Cpl Taylor, the squads medic approached him. The battle had been so hardly fought that Reid had forgotten about his injuries, the medic unslung his medic bag but Reid stayed him with the rise of his hand. "There are others that need you more then me, tend to them" the Medic nodded and went to check on the others.

In the shadows of the last light Lt. Col Reid watched the hellhounds applied their promethium flame to the Xeno corpses.

"It looks like you won Col." Commissar Blackburn said in her even tone

"No one wins a war Commissar.....we gain a brief reprieve before the next battle, the next campaign......the next death" Reid responded factually

"Death is irrelevant Col. Reid. All that matters is the Imperium and the Emperor. At the hands of the enemy or mine, the choice is yours." Commissar Blackburn paused to let the message sink in. "Again Col, congratulations on your victory."

Lt. Col Reid did not miss the meaning of her words but what unnerved him the most was that he detected a smile behind her stone features. A hidden smile from an impassive woman. Lt. Col Reid turned back towards his men as Commissar Blackburn left his presence. She was right about one thing... "there was no room in the Imperial Guard for mistakes"
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Default Re: Bat Rep: 77th Cadian vs Tyranid

Nice job.

The amount of casulties you put on him was astounding. I also liked the story format. Congrats!
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Default Re: Bat Rep: 77th Cadian vs Tyranid

Thanks for your thoughts and I was surprised at how much damage templates can do especially flamers considering you need to only touch the model. The mortars worked nicely as well and the lascannons are just sweet. Thanks for the complement on the report, it was fun to do and I am glad you liked it. Now I just have to paint everything
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Default Re: Bat Rep: 77th Cadian vs Tyranid

Although I am neither a fan of Tyranids or IG, I really enjoyed the Battle report.

And congrats your victory.
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Default Re: Bat Rep: 77th Cadian vs Tyranid

good job. however, next time i think you should try out some autocannons instead of the mortars. also take all three weapons when you use a HW squad.
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Default Re: Bat Rep: 77th Cadian vs Tyranid

dang! for someone who just started playing your ideas were really good. "stand and fire" static heavy weapon guard is my favorite too. I like that you pounded the lictor in the head with yer powerfist and KILLED IT STOMP THAT BUG DEAD!! the most deadly creature ever invented brought down in cc by THE GUARD!! congrats on that one. looking at your numbers, I see you got a bit lucky in the first 2 turns and that is probably what sent the battle downhill for the bugs but you did a really good job picking the right targets and pointing your guns in the right direction. that's all we can expect from our mighty s3 special characters and 7 ld. go guard. 2 hellhounds and no lemans seemed a bit wierd to me though, but i guess since you had nids as opponents and they dont shoot much, the AV wouldnt be as big a factor. did you build your army specifically for nids or was that just circumstance? either way, rock on. I wish i had a digicam and I'd have a battle report up on here all the time. text graphics are tough to work with.
kudos etc.
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Default Re: Bat Rep: 77th Cadian vs Tyranid

Thanks to our Eldar Farseer mod I should be able to post the pic I took of the Carnifex hiding away in the building. Very un Tyranid
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Default Re: Bat Rep: 77th Cadian vs Tyranid

nice battlereport.

-Da Boss
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Default Re: Bat Rep: 77th Cadian vs Tyranid

A good report with solid tactics. When I saw the heavy weapon squads and the two hellhounds I knew the nids were going to be in for a pounding. Marching across the board against that kind of firepower isn't going to leave much standing.

I felt that the interludes were somewhat awkward. A year or two ago I made a pair of battle reports were I tried to integrate the raw information of a standard battle report with the narrative aspects you were putting into the interludes. It came out relatively well, most people understood what happened in the battle while enjoying the story as well.

Here's a link to one of them for reference

Ignore the often atrocious spelling and grammar errors, and look more at the ways in which I succeeded in combining both aspects with clarity. (as well as were I fail so you don't make the same mistakes)

Hopefully a mod comes along and gives this karma, I think it deserves it.
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