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The old codex?
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Old 29 Jan 2006, 15:26   #1 (permalink)
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Default The old codex?

hey i was looking into getting the old imperial guard codex but i cant find it. do you guys know where i can get it or anyone who wants to sell their outdated codex?
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Default Re: The old codex?

I have 1 to spare. Send me a PM with an offer
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Default Re: The old codex?

they have one at my store for $15
yes, that is me in the pic.
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Default Re: The old codex?

Have you tried ebay?
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Default Re: The old codex?

I have a 2nd ed. guard codex around in a pile of old WD mags somewhere. I even clipped the old WD articles pertaining to guard and stuck them in the codex quite a long time ago. (my favorite being Ian P.'s origional 'treadheads' article and all that wierd stuff about separated heavy weapon teams) and Gav thorpe getting slaughtered in a battle report trying to get used to the 'new' codex. It's more or less perfect condition. horrible cover art but lots of pic of the old tallarn and valhal and mordian figs and lots of background fluff. I never use this thing, never look at it any more and I'm not much of a nostalgia collector, so i'd let you have it for the shipping costs and maybe 10 bucks for the hassle and the trip to the post office. I think you're in england? so thats a bit of a package to mail. pm me if you're interested.
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