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Janus 53rd Air-borne
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Default Janus 53rd Air-borne

The Janus 53rd Air-Borne are light infantry from the planet of Bunira, most of the soldiers in their armies work as woodsmen, hence the light infantry doctrine. the world also produces a lot of aircarft, so i've got a converted valkyrie carrying a squad of storm troopers. im thinking of adding some ogryns, they were employed in many of the factories on the planet to help lifting and pulling and pushing,
any more ideas guys?
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Default Re: Janus 53rd Air-borne

is Janus the system they're from? just curious as to why the name of the regiment and its homeworld are different.

sounds good though, a mix of infiltrators and rapid air-drops

what are your current plans for doctrines?
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