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Carapace armor rule/price
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Default Carapace armor rule/price

I need to get something straightened out.
When you buy carapace armor for guardsmen it costs x points per unit. What is then the definition of a imperial guard infantry unit. Is the cost estimated per squad (10 guardsmen), or for the whole platoon?
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Default Re: Carapace armor rule/price

I'm pretty sure that imperial guard unit refers to a single squad. So one squad in a platoon would have to pay 20 pts for carapace armour. Carapace armour is not really worth it in my opinion since it takes up a doctrine point, costs alot, and doesn't help too much unless going against an army with bolters.
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Default Re: Carapace armor rule/price

Or any Tau list...

Grenadiers is a better choice.
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Default Re: Carapace armor rule/price

Yeah. Grenadiers (aka Storm Troopers) are PURGED, which is less than the PURGED carapace armor. You also get free carapace, +1 BS, +1 Ld, transport ability, free grenades, and more special weapons. If you want heavy weapons with armor, just take more squads and use the guardsmen as meat shields. Works just as well.

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Default Re: Carapace armor rule/price

carapace would be worth it if it werent for the fact that every unit in your army has t take it. you end up paying 20 points to get a 5 man command squad into shells. if you could ahve carapace for only basic guard squads id take it, but other wise its too expensive.
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Default Re: Carapace armor rule/price

the fundamental problem with buying carapace armour for basic grunts is that they're meant to be cheap cannon fodder, and you're making them more expensive. for what they can do, it's not worth it. If you're going to give a squad carapace armour, just take Storm Troopers and/ or Grenadiers, as they'll do much better and are worth keeping alive longer.
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