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77th Cadian Regiment...your thoughts 1000 Points
Closed Thread
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Default 77th Cadian Regiment...your thoughts 1000 Points

First post and first time 40k player and I have chosen the unaugmented, often ridiculed army of the Imperial Guard. In my thoughts there is nothing braver then ordinary men and women willing to lay down their lives willingly (some unwillingly) in the name of the Emperor and humanity. Here is my 1000 point army list and just wanted to get the groups thoughts and feedback. I am trying to stay within fluff and tactical effectiveness.

Command Squad
-senior officer
-master vox

2x Anti-tank Squads (same equipment)
-3x lascannon

-power sword, las pistol

2x Infantry Platoons (same equipment)
Command Squad

Infantry Squad #1
-plasma gun

Infantry Squad #2
-plasma gun

2x Sentinel (separate squads)

This adds up to 845 points and I haven't equipped the command squads. I was thinking about giving the command squads 2x plasma guns, a medic and the whole army sharpshooters. This would help against the overheat rule and provide the army with 12 str 7 ap 2 shots, 6 str 9 ap 2 shots and 4 str 8 ap 4 shots. All this and a whole bunch of lasguns. What do you think? I have 155 points to work with.
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Default Re: 77th Cadian Regiment...your thoughts 1000 Points

first id suggest disbanding the anti tank squads and placeing them in your guard squads, it reduces the squads fireing capabilities but it means your lascannons will survive alot longer.

since all your squads get their Ld from the SO i suggest you up him to a HSO for the extra Ld. unless the commissars Ld caries through the vox, which im not sure about.

all in all a well set up army, good against marines or necros wit all that plasma. if i where you id merge the two platoons and get an armoured fist. more mobility and you dont waste points on JO comand squads.

P.S. hey, you put the sentinels in different squads. you have no idea how offten i rant about people grouping all their sentinels together.

P.S.S. great user name. im sure you and i are going to get along jsut fine.
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Default Re: 77th Cadian Regiment...your thoughts 1000 Points

I dont think anyone uses SO. HSO gives you the Ld9 and an extra wound and doesnt change your points very much. It looks really effective actually, but you have 155 points left and if you spend that on equipping your command you will be wasting a good chunk of points on some kind of irrelevant upgrades. I think hiding your lascannons in the tactical squads is a good idea too, and I think it frees up a few points too. You could probably squeeze another squad in there or maybe a tank with your leftover points and still have a bit left to add a slight upgrade to your command. Powerweapon. Mach cross. whatever fits your fluff.
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Default Re: 77th Cadian Regiment...your thoughts 1000 Points

You need a tank. With 150 points left over and a listed desire to be stock-guard fluffy, I hear the Leman Russ calling your name.
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Default Re: 77th Cadian Regiment...your thoughts 1000 Points

ok, the so can stay since you are using a commisar. however, medics are a main stay in my armies. for around 10 more points a bolter and a medic pack are well worth it. its also nice to see someone using vox casters, since they are nice and fluffy. also, if you read carefully, you cant give plasma guns sharp shooters. i wouldnt use an armored fist squad just yet since they are fairly temperamental in use (do or die). with the extra 150, i would get a bolter russ, and terrorise the feild with its 9 shots each turn.

as with elessar, i congratulate you on your name, and your unit choices are very sound.
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