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The Close Quarters Regiment
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Default The Close Quarters Regiment

This is probably cheesy, but just an idea. It sacrifices lots of Heavy Weapons for Special Weapons and lots and lots of models.

Command Platoon:
Command Squad:
Heroic Senior Officer w/ Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol
1 Veteran Medic w/ Bolt Pistol, CC Weapon
1 Veteran Standard Bearer w/ Regimental Standard, Bolt Pistol, CC Weapon
2 Guardsmen w/ Meltaguns
Hardened Fighters

1 Commissar w/ Power Fist, Power Weapon (65) (he gets the Command Squad's Hardened Fighter rule, right?)

Veteran Squad:
3 Veterans w/ Meltaguns
6 Veterans w/ Shotguns
1 Veteran Sergeant w/ Plasma Pistol, CC Weapon

Techpriest Enginseer w/ Power Weapon, Servo-Arm, Bolt Pistol, Honorifica Imperialis (71) (when attached to Command Squad, does he get the +1 WS?)

Infantry Platoon:
Command Squad:
Junior Officer w/ Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol
1 Veteran Medic w/ Bolt Pistol, CC Weapon
3 Guardsmen w/ Meltaguns

Infantry Squad w/ Meltagun (70)
Infantry Squad w/ Meltagun (70)
Infantry Squad w/ Meltagun (70)
Infantry Squad w/ Plasmagun (70)
Infantry Squad w/ Plasmagun (70)
Remnent Squad w/ Sergeant and 7 Guardsmen w/ Lasguns, 1 Guardsman w/ Plasmagun (64)

Conscript Platoon:
10 Conscripts w/ 1 Flamer
10 Conscripts w/ 1 Flamer
10 Conscripts w/ 1 Flamer
10 Conscripts
10 Conscripts

Fast Attack:
3 Sentinels w/ Catachan Pattern, Hardened Fighters (120)

Heavy Support:
1 Leman Russ w/ Battle Cannon, Lascannon (155)
1 Leman Russ w/ Battle Cannon, Lascannon (155)
1 Leman Russ Demolisher w/ Demolisher Cannon, Plasma Cannons, Lascannon, Smoke Launchers (188)

Close Order Drill
Conscript Platoons
Drop Troops
Hardened Fighters
Techpriest Enginseers

The Infantry Squads, Command Squads, and Sentinels will deep-strike into Melta/Plasma rapid-fire range. The Command Squad is beefed up with Hardened Fighters, giving the Heroic Senior Officer, Commissar, and Techpriest (I think) WS5. The Commissar is beefed up by having high strength and ignores armor saves. The Techpriest is armored and has great stats, and a Power Weapon. The Infantry Squads will bombard the enemy with Melta and Plasma shots, and then charge. The Command Squad will be near them, giving the Regimental Standard ability to some of the guardsmen. The Sentinels will lay flame templates onto the enemy and distract them for a while. The Conscripts will move up in front of the Demolisher and will enter the fray, laying down Flame templates once up front. The Leman Russes will sit back tight in the back providing covering fire.

Edited to remove individual costs. Next time, post is deleted without warning.

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Default Re: The Close Quarters Regiment

nice first draft.

couple of things I suggest, that dont really change yer points...

Your command squad looks like it's rearin' to charge, which is a questionable tactic. wasted points are the guard's worst enemy.

The other biggest thing I would suggest - just my opinion - is that you turn a few more of your veteran shotguns into some ccw guys if you have the models. It will be pretty frustrating hitting 4 out of 6 times and wounding once with a "- save" ... excelent shots with lousy weapons. Shotguns are pretty tricky.

I have done the vet assault team several times, and one thing I can tell you is be careful you don't have TOO many assault weapons firing before the assault phase. A smart enemy will just take off the models closest to him and leave you out in the open and out of charge range because your assault weapons killed everything within 6 inches. Las-pis are actually about as killy as shotguns, but you know they will be within range after the shooting phase. If you have the models, I suggest this minor change, which costs no points. A couple of shotguns are a nice addition to a flamer or a melta strike, but if you are getting close enough for that stuff, you'll want the extra attacks when you go in.

Meltas are hard to use too because without extremely careful maneuvering, they will be splattered before they get close enough, and if they get to the enemy line intact, once (if) they can do their thing they will probably be too far away from any other targets to affect much of the rest of the battle. and most importantly make sure they stay far apart within their squad cohesion, or you are just offering a juicy target.... 2 or 3 meltas with one lucky blast template...

your squads will be wiped out. your squads will always be wiped out. that's why they are there. the 50 conscripts will flee the first time anything ugly hits them and they will be useful for getting in the way but they wont get any many kills of their own except for those flamers, which you should use very specifically...

I feel that you are being too black-and-white about this. abolishing HW in favor of SW? they both have their uses, but neither is a definite "way to go" y'know?

they key is to specialize each squad to a specific goal right? a com squad with hardened fighters is intended to charge in... and yes your commissar gets the bonus too... but they are supposed to be the leadership bonus too? (I noticed the standard)... this is just contradictory. Pick a path and stay on it or you get lost in the woods of veteran sergeants with surveyors and krak grenades backing squads with 1 shot mortars.

If those vets or that com squad charges in at anybody except grots and tau they will make a few kills and probably all die by the end of the assault phase. a vet squad filled with shotguns trying to play the shooty game at the same time as the assaulty game will get overwhelmed. They just have to be too close. Shotguns are for 1 shot before charging, but nobody hovers 6.1"-12" from their enemy for long and if you stand back to shoot you will get charged by more or less anything.

The same ideas apply to plenty of elements of guard armies... have your guys assigned to one and only one role that they are good at.

nobody bothers about what happens to the roughriders after their lance attack, or what happens to the ogryns or conscripts after they get locked into their first well placed melee where they are likely to stay until endgame.

just a bit of "I don't really know any better than you but I will try to help" advice here. You dont have to be so extreme like its 1 way or the other with this motley bunch. Yes heavy weapons are good, and special weapons are good too, but you can figure out better how to mix and match them to be effective rather than taking it from one extreme to the other.

Try to think about each squad's effectiveness on the table, what do you expect it to accomplish? Start with that idea.

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